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Saunders review

Ethical and Legal Issues

DNR do not resuscitate
LIVING WILL list medical treatment that a client chooses to omit or refuse it client becomes unable to make decisions and is terminally ill
DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY appoints a health care proxy chosen by the client to make health care decisions on the clients behalf when the client is no longer able to make decisions
INCIDENT REPORT should not be copied or placed in the clients record
INCIDENT REPORT no reference to the incident report in the clients chart should be made
INCIDENT REPORT not a substitute for a complete entry in the clients record concerning the incident
INCIDENT REPORT used as a means of identifying risk situations and improving client care
INFORMED CONSENT the clients approval to have his body touched by a specific individual
NONMALEFICENCE the obligation to do or cause no harm to another
BENEFICENCE the duty to do good to others and maintain a balance between benefits and harm
JUSTICE the equitable distribution of potential benefits and tasks determining the order in which clients should be provided care
VERACITY the obligation to tell the truth
AUTONOMY respect for clients right to self-determination
FIDELITY the duty to do what one has promised
ADVOCATE A person who speaks up for or acts on behalf of the client,protects the clients right to make his or her decisions
NPA series of statues that have been enacted by eacj state legislature to regulate the practice of nursing in that state
STANDARDS OF CARE guidelines that identify what the client can expect to receive in terms of care
NEGLIGENCE can include acts of omission and commission
ASSAULT when a person puts another person in fear of a harmful or offensive contact
BATTERY intentional touching of another's body without the other's consent
FALSE IMPRISONMENT when a client is not allowed to leave a health care facility when there is no legal justification to detain the client
DEFAMATION false communication that causes damage to someone's reputation either in writing or verbal
FRAUD deliberate deception intended to produce unlawful gains
INVASION OF PRIVACY includes violating confidentiality, intruding on private client or family matters, and sharing client information with unauthorized persons
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