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nclex review


choluria bile in the urine
clonic tremors shaking with intervals of rest
coryza water drainage from nose
dental caries decay of the teeth
diplopia double vision
diuresis lg amt of urine
dysuria painful urination
emaciated thin, underweight
enuresis bed wetting
eructation bleching
eupnea normal breathing
excoriation raw surface
exophthalmos abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
fegined pretended
fetid foul
fixed motionless
flaccid soft, flabby
gustatory dealing with taste
heliotherapy using sunlight as a therapeutic agent
hematemesis blood in vomit
hemiplegia paralysis to one side of the body
hemoptysis spitting of blood
intermittent starting and stopping, not continuous
isotonic having the same tonicity or concentration of body fluids
lacerated torn, ragged edge
lateral position on the side, knees flexed
lithotomy position on the back, buttocks near edge of table, knees well flexed and separated
lochia drainage from the vagina after delivery
mydriasis dilation of pupil
myosis contraction of pupil
palliative offering temporary relief
paraplegia paralysis of legs
paroxysm spasm or convulsive seizure
paroxysmal coming in seizures
photosensitivity skin reaction caused by exposure to sunlight
projectile ejected or projected some distance
protruding extending outward
pruritus itching
ptosis drooping of eyelid
purulent drainage drainage containing pus
pyrexia elevated temperature
radiating spreading to distant areas
radiotherapy using xray or radium as a therapeutic agent
scanty small amount
sims position on the left side, left arm behind back, legs slightly flexed
stretorus characterized by snoring
strabismus squinting; misalignment of the eyes
stuporous partially unconscious
suppurating discharging pus
syncope fainting
tenacious tough and sticky
thready barely perceptible
tonic tremor continuous shaking
trendelenburg position flat on back with pelvis higher than head, foot of bed elevated 6 inches
uricaria hives or wheals, eruption on skin or mucous membranes
vesicle fluid filled blister
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