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Russian Vocab Intro

Live from Russia Intro Vocab

áвгуст August
апрéль April
вот here (is...)
глаз eye (masculine)
головá head (feminine)
декáбрь December
доскá blackboard (feminine)
здесь here (location)
ию́ль July
ию́нь June
карандáш pencil (masculine)
кварти́ра apartment (feminine)
кóмната room (feminine)
костю́м suit (masculine)
кот male cat (masculine)
кóшка cat (feminine)
лев lion (masculine)
лук onion (masculine)
люк manhole (masculine)
maй May
мáма mother (feminine)
март March
мéсяц month (masculine)
метрó subway (neuter)
молокó milk (neuter)
нос nose (neuter)
ноя́брь November
октя́брь October
пáпа father (masculine)
плащ raincoat (masculine)
плóхо bad
пóлка shelf (feminine)
пóлька polka (feminine)
рот mouth (masculine)
ру́чка pen (feminine)
ры́ба fish (feminine)
салáт salad (lettuce) (masculine)
сáхар sugar (masculine)
сентя́брь September
словáрь dictionary (masculine)
стол table (masculine)
стул chair (masculine)
суп soup (masculine)
сыр cheese (masculine)
торт cake (masculine)
тут here (location)
у́гол corner (masculine)
у́голь coal (masculine)
у́хо ear (neuter)
феврáль February
фотогрáфия photo (feminine)
хлеб bread (masculine)
чемодáн suitcase (masculine)
шкаф closet (masculine)
ю́мор humor (masculine)
янвáрь January
Created by: Tanalega