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Illness & Hospitaliz

Ch. 19 Morrison Ed. 5

health a dynamic state of physical, mental and social well being, as well as absence of disease or abnormal conditions
illness a state of imbalance
sick role individual assumes actions and behaviors of a person who is ill
body image one's concept of his or her body
denial a psychological defense mechanism used to ward off the painful feelings associated with problems
hospitalization the placing of an ill or injured person into an inpatient health care facility that provides continuous nursing care and an organized medical staff
situational crisis one that relates to external or environmental problems
common stages of hospitalization overwhelmed, stabilization, adaptation
behavioral and emotional changes associated with illness anxiety, anger, denial, shock and withdrawal
stages of the illness experience symptoms, the sick role, medical care, dependency, recovery and rehab
pain management mutual goal setting in helping clients control their pain
discharge planning early identification of and intervention for helping clients cope with hurdles of mental illness or dysfunction after hospitalization
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