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Unit 1

Geriatric def the medical specialty that deals with the physiology of aging and with the diagnosis and treatment of disease affecting the aged
gerontology def the study of all aspects of the aging process, including the clinical, psychological, economic, and sociologic problems of older adults and the consequences of these problems for older adults and society
aspects of aging (3) chronologic (actual age), physiological (diseases), functional (ADL's/ IADLs)
geronophobia the fear of aging and the refusal to accept older adults into the mainstream of society - both older and younger persons can fall prey to the fears
ageism def the dislike of aging and older people based on the belief that aging makes people unattractive, unintelligent, and unproductive
woman outlive men by approximately how many years? 7
what elderly minority is more like to live in poverty blacks
independent family setting older individuals often try to keep their home despite the physical or economic difficulties in doing so - shows independence and security
what is assisted living? people that need to be in a nursing home but cannot get in - limited services
life lease or life-contract facilities for a large initial investment, monthly rental and service fees, older persons/couples are guaranteed a residence for life. have apt but extended care units are attached or nearby for residence that need skilled nursing services.
govt subsidized housing simple apts with out any special services or limited services such as nursing clinics and transportation. waiting list 1-2 years
group housing plans 2+ unrelated people share a household in which they have private bedrooms but share the common recreational and leisure areas. can hold up to 10 residents
community based residential facility monthly fee, this provides services such as room & board, ADLs, assist w meds and exams, info, referrals, programs. Private or semiprivate rooms with community areas for dining
self neglect def failure to provide for self b/c of a lack of ability or lack of awareness - most likely to recognize is neighbors and reported to police, public health nurse or social worker
respite care allows primary caregiver to have time away from constant demands of caregiving, thereby decreasing caregiver stress and risk for abuse - very expensive
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