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Stage 40

adversus against
affirmo, affirmare, affirmavi, affirmatum to declare
amicitia friendship
auxilio esse to be helpful
consul, consulis consul
crimen, criminis charge
curia, curiae senate-house
demum at last
exilium exile
existimo, existimare, existimavi to think, to consider
fama, famae rumor
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictum to pretend, to invent
floreo, florere, florui to flourish
interim meanwhile
invidia jealousy
levis slight, trivial
meditor, meditari, meditatus sum to consider
minor, minari, minatus sum to threaten
muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatum to change
obicio, obicere, obieci, obiectum to present
probo, probare, probavi, probatum to prove
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditum to betray
similis similar
socius partner
suadeo, suadere, suasi, suasum to advise, suggest
tumultus riot
utor use
videor, videri, visus sum to seem like