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Stage 37

aestas, aestatis summer
amplius more fully
aurum gold
complures several
coniunc, coniugis wife, spouse
copiae troops, forces
culpo, culpare, culpavi, culpatum blame
dignus worthy
disco, discere, didici to learn
divus, diva, divum divine
dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatum to hesitate, to doubt
elatus excited
exemplum example
exercitus army
fio, fieri, factus sum become
inanis meaningless, inane
incensus inflamed
initium beginning
invideo, invidere, invidi, invisum to envy
obliviscor, oblivisci, oblitus sum to forget
occasio opportunity
odium hatred
patria country
paulo a little
perturbo, perturbare, perturbavi alarm, disturb
praefectus commander
proelium battle
revoco, revocare recall
satis constat it is generally agreed
validus strong