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Luis Felipe Feitoza

The world citizen have been impacting our environment. Bad influence could be good. Impact
Quantity,number. We can not estimate the gains of our company. Estimate
UWRF´s have buildings which wheelchair. Be some thing easier. accessible
Every action have consequences. After the cause. consequence
Burn petrol emits oxide carbon to atmosphere. effects
Forense´s work can solve a incognate crime. reveal
Some stuff which are huge quantity becoming less quantity. scarce
An adapted for a particular purpose. unsuitable
The act of consuming or the state of being consumed. consumption
Hold,within contain
Humorous;playfuly joking Facetious
Meant to impress others;flashly Ostentatious
Best possible;most favorable;most desirable Optimum
Something that causes damage,harm or body Detriment
Experienced throught the imagination; not experienced directly Vicarious
Skillful in using the hands or body Dexterous
Careful about moral standards;conscientious Scrupulous
Sociable;Enjoying and seeking the company of others Gregarious
Good judgment or tact in actions or speaking Discretion
Having to do with seeing,hearing,tasting,touching Sensory
To bring about by moving others to action; Stir up Instigate
Fundamental;Necessary to learn first Rudimentary
Able to recover quickly from harm,illnes,or misfortune Resilient
To work together as a group;cooperate on an effort Collaborate
A person totally devoted to a purpose or cause Zealot
To silence or supress;Crush Squelch
To respect deeply Venerate
Downhearted;hopeless;overwhelmed with sadness Despondent
Rewiewing the past;Considering past events Retrospect
Scoff To make fun of;mock;refuse ti take seriously
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