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What is the description of Bacteria? Single Celled organisms that reproduce and multiply rapidly. They can cause disease and are classified by their shape.
What causes rheumatic fever? Streptococci
What can form spores? Bacilli
What shape is Diplococci? Spherical in pairs
What causes strep throat? Streptococci
What causes meningitis? Diplococci
What shape is Streptococci? Round in chains
What is the definition of Viruses? Live inside cells, Smallest microorganisms. Spread by body fluids; even in droplets.
what causes pneumonia? Diplococci
What shape is bacilli? Rod shaped in pairs, chains, or single.
What causes colds? Viruses
What is Round in Clusters? Staphylococci
What's hard to see? Prions
What causes warts? viruses
what causes athlete's foot? fungus
What can have flagella? Bacilli
What is the definition of Fungi? Fungus that causes disease; mostly on the skin.
How can someone get Protozoa? contaminated well
What is spiral in shape? Spirilli
What causes ringworm? fungus
what causes aids? viruses
What can cause boils? Bacilli
What's the description of protozoa? Single-celled
What can cause toxic shock? Bacilli
What causes Cholera? Spirilli
What causes Mountain Fever? Rickettsias
What causes mad cow disease? Prions
What are ricketsias? Parasites in parasites
What causes Syphilis? Spirili
What can cause wound infections? Bacilli
How could someone get Lyme disease? Rickettsias
What are the 4 stages of infection? Incubation, Prodominal, Illness, and Convalescence
What are some examples of an Infectious Agent? Any Pathogen
What is a Host? Another infected person
What happens during the Incubation period? A pathogen enters and there are unspecific symptoms
What is an Entrance? Any opening
What are the 6 chains of infection? Infectious Agent, Reservoir, Exit Route, Transmission, and Host
What happens during the Prodominal Stage? A person is contagious
What are some examples of a Reservoir? Any contaminated object
What are some examples of Transmission? By hands, food,
What happens during the Convalescense stage? Recovery
What happens during the illness stage? Specific Symptoms appear
What is an example of an exit route? Mouth, Saliva, Mucus
What are the Stages of Infection in order? incubation prodominal illness convalescense
What is the Chain of Infection in order? Infectious Agent Reservoir Exit Route Transmission Entrance Host
Created by: Tabithaa711