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Latin 1

Latin 1 Vocabulary

Unus 1
Duo 2
Tres 3
Quattuor 4
Quinque 5
Sex 6
Septem 7
Octo 8
Novem 9
Decem 10
Undecim 11
Duodecim 12
Tredecim 13
Quattuordecim 14
Quindecim 15
Sedecim 16
Septendecim 17
Duodeviginti 18
Undeviginti 19
Viginti 20
Viginti Unus 21
Quinquaginta 50
Centum 100
Quingenti 500
Mille 1000
Ubi Where?
Quid What?
Estne Is?
Suntne Are?
-ne (Indicates a "yes" or "no" question; an enclitic.)
Inter Between, among
Supra Above
Sub Under
Prope Near
In In, on
Est Is
Sunt Are
Insula Island
Oppidum Town
Mare Sea
Item Also
Nostrum Our
Fama/Famae Rumor, report; fame, reputation
Forma/Formae Form, shape, beauty
Fortuna/Fortunae Fortune, luck
Ira/Irae Ire, anger
Nauta/Nautae Sailor
Patria/Patriae Fatherland, native land, (one's) country
Pecunia/Pecuniae Money
Philosophia/Philosophiae Philosophy
Poeta/Poetae Poet
Porta/Portae Gate, entrance
Puella/Puellae Girl
Rosa/Rosae Rose
Sententia/Sententiae Feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence life; mode of life
Ager/Agri Field, farm
Agricola/Agricolae Farmer
Amica/Amicae Friend
Amicus/Amici Friend
Femina/Feminae Woman
Filia/Filiae Daughter
Filius/Filii Son
Numerus/Numeri Number
Populus/Populi The people, a people, a nation
Puer/Pueri Boy; boys, children
Sapientia/Sapientiae Wisdom
Vir/Viri Man, hero
Avarus/Avara/Avarum Greedy, avaricious
Romanus/Romana/Romanum Roman
Antiquus/Antiqua/Antiquum Ancient, old-time
Magnus/Magna/Magnum Large, great, important
Meus/Mea/Meum My, mine
Multus/Multa/Multum Much, many
Tuus/Tua/Tuum Your (when speaking to one person)
Sum/Esse I am, to be
Et And
Sed But
O O!, Oh!
Familia/Familiae Family
Servus/Servi Slave
Serva/Servae Slavewoman
Libertus/Liberti Freedman, ex-slave
Pater/Patris Father
Mater/Matris Mother
Soror/Sororis Sister
Frater/Fratris Brother
Maritus/Mariti Husband
Uxor/Uxoris Wife
Ludus/Ludi School
Magister/Magistri Teacher
Paedagogus/Paedagogi Tutor
Discipulus/Discipuli Student
Tabula/Tabulae Tablet
Liber/Libri Book
Tunica/Tunicae Tunic
Calceus/Calcei Shoe
Cena/Cenae Dinner
Culina/Culinae Kitchen
Cibus/Cibi Food
Laetus/Laeta/Laetum Happy
Bonus/Bona/Bonum Good
Malus/Mala/Malum Bad, evil
Stultus/Stulta/Stultum Foolish
Verus/Vera/Verum Real, true
Parvus/Parva/Parvum Small, little
Studeo/Studere/Studui To study
Ambulo/Ambulare/Ambulavi/Ambulatus To wwalk
Lego/Legere/Legi/Lectus To read
Scribo/Scribere/Scripsi/Scriptus To write
Coquo/Coquere/Coxi/Coctus To cook
Amo/Amare/Amavi/Amatus To love, like
Video/Videre/Vidi/Visus To see
Moneo/Monere/Monui/Monitus To advise, warn
Servo/Servare/Servavi/Servatus To save, guard
Voco/Vocare/Vocavi/Vocatus To call, summon
Do/Dare/Dedi/Datus To give, present
Non Not
Saepe Often
Basium/Basii Kiss
Canis Dog
Custos/Custodis Guard
Fons/Fontis Fountain, spring
Miles/Militis Soldier
Mons/Montis Mountain
Nox/Noctis Night
Pars/Partis Part, portion, a share
Rex/Regis King
Bellum/Belli War
Consilium/Consillii Plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom
Cura/Curae Care, attention, caution, anxiety
Donum/Doni Gift, present
Exitium/Exitii Destruction, ruin
Mora/Morae Delay
Nihil Nothing
Oculus/Oculi Eye
Officium/Officii Duty, service
Otium/Otii Leisure, peace
Periculum/Periculi Danger, past
Remedium/Remedii Cure, remedy
Adulescentia/Adulescentiae Youth (as in a time of life, not a young person), young manhood, youthfulness
Animus/Animi Soul, spirit, mind; (plural) pride, high spirits, courage
Caelum/Caeli Sky, heaven
Culpa/Culpae Fault, blame
Gloria/Gloriae Glory, fame
Verbum/Verbi Word
Te You, yourself (referring to one person)
Brevis/Breve Short, brief
Crudelis/Crudele Cruel
Fidelis/Fidele Faithful, loyal
Gravis/Grave Serious, heavy
Omnis/Omne Every, all
Audax/Audacis Bold, daring
Felix/Felicis Happy, fortunate
Ferox/Ferocis Fierce, wild
Infelix/Infelicis Unlucky, unfortunate
Ingens/Ingentis Huge
Liber/Libera/Liberum Free
Noster/Nostra/Nostrum Our, ours
Pulcher/Pulchra/Pulchrum Beautiful, handsome, fine
Sanus/Sana Sound, healthy, sane
Ceno/Cenare/Cenavi/Cenatum To dine
Culpo/Culpare/Culpavi/Culpatum To blame, censure
Supero/Superare/Superavi/Superatum To surpass, overcome, be above, have the upper hand
Habeo/Habere/Habui/Habitum To have, hold, possess, consider, regard
Hodie Today
Semper Always
Igitur Therefore, consequently (postpositive)
Cras Tomorrow
Heri Yesterday
Quando When (si quando: if ever)
Satis Enough, sufficient (-ly)
Tum Then, at that time; thereupon, in the next place
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