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Quick Micro Buzz

4 Lactose Fermenters "CEEK" 1. Citrobacter 2. Enterobacter 3. E.coli 4. Klebsiella
Non Lactose Fermenters "SHYPS" 1. Shigella 2. Yersinia enterolytica 3. Proteus 4. Salmonella
6 Bacteria that may lack color "These rascals may microscopically lack color" 1. Treponema 2. Rickettsia 3. Mycobacterium 4. Mycoplasma 5. Legionella 6. Chlamydia
4 Microbes that increase cAMP "CAPE" 1. Cholera 2. Anthracis (poly D glutamate capsule) 3. Pertussis (via Gi) 4. E. coli (LT enterotoxin)
Bacteria that have capsules "Some killers have pretty nice capsules" 1. Strep pneumo 2. Klebsiella 3. H. influenza 4. P. aeruginosa 5. Neisseria meningitidis 6. Cryptococcus neoformans
5 Dimorphic Fungi "Can Also Have Both Shapes" 1. Cocciodes 2. Aspergillus 3. Histoplasma 4. Blastomyces 5. Sporothrix
Spore forming bacteria Bacillus Clostridium
Have IgA proteases "SHiN" 1. Strep pneumo 2. H. influenza 3. Neisseria
Wayson's stain Yersinia
Invasins Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis
2 Obligate Aerobes Pseudomonas Mycobacterium
3 obligate Anaerobes Clostridium Actinomyces Bacteroides
A protein Catalase + Coagulase + S. aureus
2 Non-motile Gram + rods C. diphtheria Nocardia
Lancet shaped diplococci Strep pneumo
Gull's wings, comma shaped Campylobacter
Club shaped non-motile gram + rod C. diphtheria
Safety pin shaped bacteria Yersinia
Intranuclear Cowdry body inclusions HSV
Guarnieri intracytoplasmic and acidophilic inclusions Pox virus
2 Coagulase + microbes S. aureus Yersinia pestis
3 Obligate Intracellular microbes Chlamydia Rickettsia M. leprae
Fried egg colonies on Eaton Agar Mycoplasma pneumonia
Spaghetti and Meat ball appearance Malassazia furfur
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis Measles
Non-motile Bacilli and Clostridium B. anthracis C. perfringens
Indian ink Cryptococcus neoformans
4 microbes that need Cysteine for growth Francisella Brucella Legionella Pastuerella
Ecthyema Gangrenosum microbe P. aeruginosa
alpha hemolysis Optochin Sensitive Strep pneumo
alpha hemolysis Optochin Resistant Strep. viridans
Novobiocin resistant Staph Saprophyticus
Novobiocin sensitive Staph Epidermidis
Beta hemolysis Bacitracin Sensitive Strep. pyogenes
Beta hemolysis Bacitracin resistant S. Agalactiae
Lecithinase C. Perfringens
Gas Gangrene C. perfringens
2 C. difficile toxins Enterotoxin Cytotoxin
Microbe whose toxin inhibits ACh release and causes Flaccid paralysis C. botulinum
Floppy baby Syndrome due to toxin in honey Infant Botulinum
Thayer Martin Agar Neisseria
DOC for N. gonorrhoeae Ceftriazone
Alcoholics Aspiration pneumonia Abscesses in lungs Klebsiella
Rice water diarrhea V. cholera
Cat bites Pasteurella multocida
Bordet Gengou agar Bordetella pertussis = whooping cough
Lowenstein-Jensen medium M. tuberculosis
Pink eye Adenovirus type B
Fifth disease = Erythema Infectiosum Parvovirus B19
IFN mode of action inhibits viral replication
cause of Croup (Laryngotracheobronchitis) Parainfluenza
Swimming pool conjunctivitis Adenovirus types 3 and 4
Bronchiolitis in infants RSV
Bone Fever Dengue
Necrotizing fasciitis Group A Strep (pyogenes)
Relapsing Fever Borrelia recurrentis
Loffler's medium C. diphtheria
Chlamydia infectious particle Elementary body
Chlamydia replicatory body Reticulate body
Thrush DOC Nystatin
Reduviid bug bite T. cruzi = Chagas disease
Infection by Tsetse fly T. brucei = African sleeping sickness
Infection by Sandfly Leishmaniasis
Roseola infection = Exanthema Subitum HHV-6
only ssDNA virus Parvovirus
only dsRNA virus Reovirus = repeatOvirus
3 Naked RNA viruses "Naked for CPR" Calcivirus, Picornavirus, Reovirus
2 circular DNA viruses Papovavirus Hepadnavirus
Hepatitis virus families: ABCDE A = Picorna B = Hepadna C = Flavi D = Delta E = Calici
Only Rickettsia not intracellular Quintana
Arthroconidia Coddiodes
Obligate parasite Kills type I pneumocytes Ground glass appearance PCP
Cytokine that stimulates proliferation of B, T, and NK cells IL-2
Only DNA virus to replicate in Cytoplasm Pox
Only RNA virus to replicate in Nucleus Influenza
Bacteria that has the only protein capsule B. anthracis (poly D-glutamate capsule)
2 bacteria that have + Weil Felix reactions Rickettsia Proteus
Created by: Asclepius
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