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The Sun & Stars

Space - Sun & Stars (Applied)

What is the hottest part of the sun? Core
The type of nuclear reaction that occurs in the core of the sun? Nuclear Fusion
What happens in nuclear fusion? Hydrogen atoms combine to form helium atoms which releases energy in the process.
What are the gases that make up the Sun? Hydrogen & Helium.
What are the 2 forces that occur in the Sun? 1) Expansion due to heated gases. 2) Gravity due to the heavy core of the Sun.
When nuclear fusion stops in a yellow star, what does it turn into next? Red Giant.
When nuclear fusion stops in a blue star, what does it turn into next? Super Giant.
A vast cloud of dust and gas is known as what? Nebula.
What is the theory that explains how a solar system is formed from a nebula spinning into a disk motion? Solar Nebula Theory
What is the term that describes a newborn star? Protostar.
What is the colour of the largest, heaviest type of star? Blue star.
What is another name of a red star? Red dwarf.
Two stars that orbit each other are known as what? Binary Stars.
What is a Solar Mass? The mass of a star relative to our Sun.
After a blue star becomes a super giant, the core implodes due to gravity followed by a large explosion known as a...? Supernova
The measure of a total amount of energy emitted per second is known as defines what term? Luminosity
When a red dwarf or an intermediate (yellow) star dies, the core is left over. What is the left over core called? White dwarf
What happens to a blue star (super giant) after it goes supernova? It becomes either a black hole, neutron star or pulsar
Created by: syoung324