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3rd Trimester Final

Position for lumbar puncture Pt on side with knees toward chin
Contrast dye may cause what in an elderly pt Renal failure
Place what under a pts head during a seizure Pillow
ALS always progresses to Respiratory distress--> death
A slight touch can trigger pain in a pt with Trigeminal neuralgia
Tremors prior to the onset of dementia is a sigh of Parkinson's
The medication of choice for Parkinson's Levadopa
Seizure where staring/eyes is focused straight ahead Petit Mal
Onset of farsightedness r/t aging Presbyopia
Measured when assessing client for pancreatitis Serum amylase
Hematemesis or coffee-ground emesis is indicative of Bleeding ulcer
A diet low in what should be planned for a pt undergoing a choleycystectomy Fat
GERD Inadequate closure of the lower esophogeal sphincter
Projectile vomiting in an infant is a S/S of Pyloric stenosis
Pts with what are at a higher risk for colon cancer Crohn's and colitis
Butterfly/malor rash is indicative of Lupus
Pts rescued from a burning building need to be monitored for Respiratory distress
Wood's lamp is used for Examination of pt with ringworm
Honey colored crust on face/hands, highly contagious Impetigo
Cold sores Herpes simplex 1
Red, itchy rash on elbows and knees is most likely Eczema
A microscopic mite that burrows in the skin Scabies
Ring-shaped rash from a tick bite is indicative of Lime disease
Hip replacement pts should not bend more than 90 degrees
A pt with a halo device should be monitored for what Swallowing difficulties
Hunchback is termed Kyphosis
Tx for talpes/clubfoot (congenital disorder) Casting weekly
Exercise may be recommended to increase density of what Bones
Women with UTIs should do what before and after sex Void
After a cystoscope what should patients be encouraged to do Drink fluids in order to flush the dye from their system
What in the urine may cause liver damage Bilirubin
This is needed to produce RBCs Erythropoietin
Renin regulates Blood pressure
Most common cause of status epilepticus Stopping seizure medications
Common SE of anticholinergics Drymouth, constipation, headache
Likely to be perscribed for spasticity Baclofen
Commonly used for bowel prep before a colonoscopy Golytely or nulytely
Given to pts with hepatitis to reduce ammonia levels Lactulose
Lansoprazole inhibits what Gastric acid secretion
Used to treat ulcers Two abx's and one antacid
Type of histamine that stimulates acid production in the stomach H2 blocker
Created by: Paigeleaw
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