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Renal med surg

Diseases & Disorders

inhibits Na & Cl reabsorption in ascending loop of henle. potent. signifacant electrolyte depletion loop diuretics
strictures, cysts , calculi , BPH can cause , feels need to void or voids in sm amounts urinary obstruction
calculi , usually d/t immobility , hyperparathyroidism , sharp severe , intractable pain, force fluids & strin urine. tx includes lithotripsy urolithiasis
bladder's mucosal lining is inflamed & bleeding. dietary modifications can help. mainly seen in middle aged white women interstital cystitis
bladder is removed & part of the ileum is used to create a urine reservoir that ureters are attached to. end of ileum brought through abd wall ileal conduit
increases plasma(blood) osmotic pressure to draw fluids toward circulation osmotic diuretics
inflammation of glomeruli, usually from strep infection glomerulonphritis
enlargement of the prostate gland . if problematic/advanced , will ave TURP surgery to Tx BPH
inflammation of the kidney , usually from E.Coli. Repeated episodes -> atrohy -> nephron destruction pyelonephritis
dialysis or transplant needed to save a life. kidneys are unable to function ESRD
dilation of renal pelvis & calyces. obstruction in urinary tract causes urine black flow into kidneys.causeing it to dilate w/increased pressure,nephrons damaged hydronephrosis
impairs Na & H2O reabsorption at distal convoluted tubule. causes electrolyte depletion thazide diuretics
genetic , cysts replace much of the kidney. no tx. relieve pain , diuretics, control HTN polycystic kidney disease
retention of excessive amounts of nitrogenous compounds in blood azotemia
inflammation of the bladder. primarily seen in women cystitis
painless hematuria. Dx w/cystoscopy & biopsy bladder tumor
inhibits Na reabsorption & K+ secretion in distal convoluted tubule. can cause hyperkalemia K+ sparing diuretics
malignant tumor. no s/s until advanced stage: which is urinary obstruction prostate cancer
can be stress , urge , overflow , reflex , functional or total urinary incontinence
s/s of UTI's frequency/urgency dysuria, hematurina, abnormal WBC, cloudy urine, strong odor , pyuria fever & flank pain
Tx: UTI's ABX , increased fluids (cranberry), analgesic, acid/ ash foods
complications of UTI's bladder spasm,cystitis,hematuria kidney infection, risk for long term kidney damage, septis & flank pain
#1 cause of a UTI's in hospital Foleys
s/s of renal calculi flank pain , hematuria , n/v , pain comes in waves, sweating & pain upon urination
evaluation of renal calculi UA, strain urine for stone to be tested, KUB-IVP, x-ray, ultra sounds, CT , BUN/ creatinine & cytoscopy
nursing for renal calculi pain meds, encourage fluid 300ml/day, surgery if greater then 5ml , per-cutaneous lithoscopy, diet mod , ambulate , monitor I&O's , infection prevention , stent placement & ureteroscopy
types of UA's routine random, C&S , BUN , creatinine , GFR, uric acid study (gout) 24 hr collection
what should not be in urine keytones, bilirubin ,RBC , WBC , bacteria , glucose & protein
diabetes,shock & head injury Glucose in the urine
hemorrage,infection, cancer, calculi, trauma bleeding disorder RBC or WBC in the urine
liver dysfunction,kidney stones,nephritis, diabetes, infection trauma , renal circulatory difficulties protein in urine
liver dysfunction , hepatitis bilirubin in urine
gout, calculi infection uric acid in urine
specific gravity 1.010-1.025
normal PH of urine 4.6-8
kidney & liver disease, electrolyte imbalance abnormal PH
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