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Exam 10 Jeopardy

Basic Nursing Jeopardy questions

72 hours It is acceptable to record information that could not be or was not recorded in a timely fashion within this time frame
PRN This is a medical or nursing order which indicates an action that will be repeated as needed
blue-black or black ink All entries made by electronic means or with ball-point pen must use this color ink
DA Form 4256 This is a three-part carbonless form
Discontinuing of Doctor's Orders This is done by entering "DC/Date, Time & Initials" and drawing a single diagonal line through the "HR" and “Date Completed/Dispensed" section
This is a broad statement that describes the intended or desired change in the patient's condition or behavior. Success of the treatment plan is measured against this a goal
This is the phase of the nursing process that includes ongoing activities of data collection, prioritization, and performance of nursing intervention and documentation Implementation
This type of information is gained from the patient primary
This organization sets guidelines for providing patient education in health care institutions The Joint Commission (TJC)
This nursing intervention is done to assist in the prevention of illness and the promotion of wellness. A common nursing diagnosis related to this is knowledge deficit Patient teaching
This type of question does not require a specific response and allows the individual to elaborate freely on a subject Open-ended question
Seek this by restating the patient’s message in a manner that asks the patient to verify that the message received is accurate Clarifying
This is a physiologic condition in which an individual is unable to communicate a desired message. expressive aphasia
This is a communication technique that involves restating the patient’s message in the nurse’s own words to verify that the nurse’s interpretation of the message is correct paraphrasing
This is a communication technique used when more specific information is needed to accurately understand the patient’s message focusing
The term for increase in function or the gradual process of change and differentiation. Moves from simple to complex and is a life-long process development
According to Freud, this serves to inhibit the biological instincts of the id, while a weak one gives in to the id's urgings super-ego
This age group imitates role models and follows rules; experiences self-control in social interactions; wants to know how thing work; asks a lot of WHY questions preschool
According to Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development, in this life stage, intelligence is gained and demonstrated through senses and motor activity Sensorimotor stage
This is an issue-based theory developed by Erick Erickson. It provides an answer to the question “What is your problem psychosocial development
This is the most common cause of injury to the elderly in a health care environment falls
Using this, walk with patient while slightly behind and to the side to catch patient as needed gait (or transfer) belt
This age group is likely to have an increase of accidental injuries due to decreased visual acuity, muscle strength, and slower neurological responses to stimuli. elderly
There should be room for this mighty feature in the space between the vest and the patient. fist
This type of person can apply protective devices. licensed, qualified personnel
This is the primary communication tool among healthcare providers; it is essential for good patient care paitent chart
This is the term used for recording information that could not be or was not recorded in a timely fashion. late entry
These two types of orders must be countersigned ASAP, within 24 hours of the emergency telephone and verbal orders
This is a medical or nursing order which indicates an action which will be repeated as stated until the order expires, is discontinued by its prescriber, or the patient's departure. recurrent order
When noting that a care provider has written new orders for a patient, this is where the individual signs on the DA form 4256. the far right column of the form (DA Form 4256) headed "List Time Order Noted and Sign
This is a form of communication that facilitates the formation of a positive nurse-patient relationship therapeutic communication
This is a communication technique that involves the nurse repeating to the patient what the nurse believes to be the main point that the patient is trying to convey restating
This is a response from the receiver that enables the sender to verify that the message sent was the message received feedback
This is highly structured communication, with the sender being in control and expecting and getting very little response from the receiver. one-way communication
This type of communication uses spoken or written words or symbols. verbal communication
This is the organizational framework for the practice of nursing; it provides a systematic method by which nurses plan and provide care for patients nursing process
This is the phase of the nursing process where the nurse establishes priorities of care, writes desired patient outcomes, selects and converts nursing interventions into nursing orders, and communicates the plan of care planning
The part of the nursing process that measures the extent to which the patient has achieved the goals specified in the plan of care evaluation
This is the process of putting data together in order to identify areas of the patient's problems and strengths Data clustering
This domain of learning deals with expressions of feelings and acceptance of attitudes, opinions, or values affective
This domain of learning involves acquiring skills that require the integration of mental and muscular activity psychomotor
This domain of learning includes all intellectual behaviors and requires thinking. Simplest behavior is acquiring knowledge and the most complex is evaluation cognitive
This is the best way to know if a patient can perform a given task return demonstration
This is the most common nursing diagnosis used for patient teaching knowledge deficit
This is a threat to use safety reminder devices (aka restraints). assault
The actual use without doctor’s order is battery safety reminder devices/ restraints?
RACE is an acronym that stands for this rescue, alarm, confine/contain, extinguish/evacuate
Most children younger than 6 years of age cannot read. This places this age group at great risk for this poisoning
Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4. This amount of water is enough to drown any amount that covers mouth and nose ?
This term refers to the number of deaths before the end of the first year of life. infant mortality rate
According to Freud, this is the reality factor; stands for reason and good sense; helps us perceive conditions accurately; decides how and when to act. Is in contact with the external reality ego
According to Erickson, during this developmental task a child learns to be competent & productive or feels inferior and unable to perform. Making friends and independently achieving school tasks are part of this stage Industry vs. inferiority (the school age child)
The Brady Bunch was this type of family. Blended (Reconstituted) Family
This phase of the nursing process establishes a database concerning a patient's physical, psychosocial, and emotional health in order to identify health-promoting behaviors as well as actual and/or potential health problems Assessment
According to Erickson, in this developmental stage a person feels productive, performing meaningful work & raising a family, or stagnant & inactive. Also during this period, the person adapts to physical and role changes. generativity vs. stagnation, middle adulthood
This is present at birth and generates impulses that seek pleasure and gratification; it is the basic drive for survival the Id (the unconscious)
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