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Synergies/ Positions

Synergy Patterns and Positioning

UE Extensor Synergy Scap: Protracted Shoulder: Adducted, Internal Rotated Elbow: Extended Forearm: Pronated Wrist/Fingers: Flexed PRO/ADIR/Ext/Pro/Flex
UE Flexor Synergy Scap: Retracted, Elevated Shoulder: Abducted, External Rotated Elbow: Flexed Forearm: Supinated Wrist/Fingers: Flexed RET/ABER/Flex/Sup/Flex
LE Extensor Synergy Hip: Extended, Adducted, Internal Rotated Knee: Extended Ankle: Plantar Flexed, Inverted
LE Flexor Synergy Hip: Flexed, Abducted, External Rotated Knee: Flexed Ankle: Dorsiflexed, Inverted
Specificity looks at True_________ Negatives (Limits Type 1 Error which is incorrect rejection of null hypothesis)
Sensitivity looks at True ___________ Positives (Limits Type 2 error, which is false negative)
Tinetti POMA Scores 0-28 range. 19-24 = mod fall risk. below 19 = high fall risk
Brodmann Area: Primary Motor 4
Brodmann Area: Primary Sensory 1-3
Brodmann Area: Wernicke's 22
Brodmann Area: Broca's 44,45
Brodmann Area: Vision 17,18
Brodmann Area: Auditory 41,42
Anticipated Deformities s/p Burns: Neck Flexion
Anticipated Deformities s/p Burns: Anterior chest/ axilla Shoulder adducted, Extended, Internal Rotated
Anticipated Deformities s/p Burns: Elbow Flexed, pronated
Anticipated Deformities s/p Burns: Hand/wrist MCP Extended, IP flexion, thumb AD, wrist flexed
Anticipated Deformities s/p Burns: Hip Flexion, adduction
Anticipated Deformities s/p Burns: Knee Flex
Anticipated Deformities s/p Burns: Ankle Plantar Flexion
Sidelying on hemiplegic side s/p stroke: positioning Affected UE: Scap protracted, shoulder forward, arm in AB/ER, elbow extended, forearm supinated, wrist neutral Affected LE: hips extended, knees flexed
Supine positioning s/p stroke Head/neck neutral, on pillow. Trunk in mindline. Affected UE: Scap protracted, shoulder forward, arm supported on pillow, elbow extended, wrist neutral, fingers extended, thumb AD Affected LE: hip forward, knee on towel roll to prevent hyperext, ankle n
Sidelying on unaffected side s/p stroke: positioning Pillow under ribcase to elongate hemiplegic side Affected UE: scap protracted, shld forward, arm supported, elbow ext, neutral wrist, fingers ext, thumb AD Affected LE: hip/knee flexed, supported
PNF Chop D1 Extension
PNF Reverse Chop D1 Flexion
PNF Lift D2 Flexion
PNF Reverse Lift D2 Extension
Created by: wooyeah
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