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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Tracts, #s, SCI type Tracts/SCI syndromes, #s Physical Therapy 2014-07-16 wooyeah 11 1 edit
Synergies/ Positions Synergy Patterns and Positioning Physical Therapy 2019-09-28 wooyeah 27 5 edit
Posture Posture Physical Therapy 2014-07-10 wooyeah 7 1 edit
Neuro Diseases Quick Notes re: neuro dz Physical Therapy 2014-07-12 wooyeah 13 1 edit
Stroke symptoms Stroke Symptoms Physical Therapy 2014-07-10 wooyeah 29 0 edit
Wounds Wounds- All Types Physical Therapy 2021-07-02 wooyeah 20 2 edit
Wound Dressing Wound Dressing Physical Therapy 2015-06-03 wooyeah 7 1 edit
UE innervation UE innervation Physical Therapy 2015-02-15 wooyeah 24 1 edit
Elbow and wrist arth Elbow and wrist arthrokinematics Physical Therapy 2014-07-19 wooyeah 10 0 edit
Nerve Loss (muscles) (CN) Nerve Root, Muscle Weakness, Reflexes Physical Therapy 2021-11-07 PT Board Exam 28 25 edit
Stack #71792 Developmental milestone Physical Therapy 2021-07-15 kasia1 15 21 edit
PROSTHETICS TYPES AND CAUSES OF PROSTHETIC GAIT DEVIATIONS Physical Therapy 2021-03-30 rockshox921 12 19 edit
Stack #26423 Neuroanatomy: Dermatomes & myotomes SCI Physical Therapy 2016-02-07 JamieLynn 35 5 edit
EMG EMG Physical Therapy 2014-07-06 dodgers846 7 1 edit
Abnormal ECG Reading Most common abnomal cardiac conditions Physical Therapy 2014-07-08 dodgers846 16 1 edit
exercise perscriptio NPTE Physical Therapy 2019-09-28 leaderjenna 7 2 edit

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