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Tobira CH1VP1 AlMePS

Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese CH1 Vocabulary Part 1 平仮名/カタカナ, 意味, PS

ちり geography (N)
みなさん everyone (N)
おおき(な) big; large [used only as a noun modifier] (ANa)
しま island (N)
たいりく continent (N)
しまぐに island country (N)
とし city (N)
こくど territory; country (N)
ほっかいどう Hokkaido [Japan's northernmost island] (N)
ほんしゅう Honshu [Japan's largest island] (N)
しこく Shikoku [the smallest of Japan's four major islands] (N)
きゅうしゅう Kyushu [the third largest of Japan's four major islands] (N)
いじょう more than~; over~; above~ (Suf)
ぜんたい(の) whole; entire; general (ANo)
25ぶんの1/21ぶんの1 one twenty-fifth/one twenty-first (Phr)
と/どう/ふ/けん prefecture (N)
しゅと capital (city) (N)
そのほか the rest; the others (Phr)
ふじさん Mt. Fuji (N)
せんそう war (N)
おそろしい scary; frightening (A)
へいわ peace (N)
(~に~を)つたえる to pass (knowledge) on; tell; inform (ru-Vt)
げんばくドーム the Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome (N)
なんぼく north and south (N)
きこう climate (N)
day (N)
きおん (atmospheric) temperature (N)
gap; difference (N)
せっし centigrade; Celsius (N)
さくら cherry blossoms (N)
おわり the end (N)
ひとびと people (N)
はなみ cherry-blossom viewing (N)
たのしむ to enjoy (u-Vt)
めいしょ famous place; place of interest (N)
たとえば for instance; for example (Adv)
もっとも most; extremely (Adv)
うつくしい beautiful (A)
(お)しろ castle (N)
ユネスコ UNESCO (N)
せかいいさん world heritage (N)
-まえ (years, days, etc.) ago (Suf)
かべ wall (N)
のこる to remain; be left over (u-Vi)
たてもの building (N)
かたち shape; appearance (N)
しらさぎ white egret (N)
はね wing (N)
ひろげる to spread (ru-Vt)
さつえい filming; shooting (of a movie, a photograph, etc.) (VN)
(~を)さつえいする filming; shooting (of a movie, a photograph, etc.) (VN)
かざん volcano (N)
かんこう sightseeing (VN)
かんこうする sightseeing (VN)
レジャー leisure (N)
もくてき purpose (N)
ゆかた yukata [informal cotton kimono for summer wear] (N)
リラックス relax (VN)
リラックスする relax (VN)
けしき scenery; view (N)
とくに specially; especially; particularly (Adv)
city; town (N)
かい floor (N)
room (N)
けんがく visit; tour (of a place) (VN)
けんがくする visit; tour (of a place) (VN)
みやげばなし a travel anecdote/story (N)
Created by: ncommons