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clothes, HSK4, randoms

to envy, to admire (形) adjective 羡慕 xiànmù
to be jealous, to envy, to hate (形) adjective, (动) verb 嫉妒 jídù
to hate, to regret (名) noun, (形) adjective 恨 hèn
to work one's shift, to succeed to a position, to take over a job (on the next shift), to relieve somebody as successor (动宾式) verb object 接班 jiēbān
electric motor (名) noun 台 电动机 diàn dòngjī
to peck (动) verb 啄 zhuó
cart, chariot, carriage, buggy (名) noun 辆 马车 mǎchē
to draw support from, with the help of (动) verb 借助 jièzhù
glucose C6H12O6 (名) noun 葡萄糖 pútao táng
atomic energy (名) noun 原子能 yuánzǐ néng
to collapse, to crumble, to fall apart (形) adjective 崩溃 bēngkuì
to become more urgent, more rapid, urgent, to handle a matter urgently (动) verb 加急 jiājí
field, plain, open space, limit, boundary, rude, feral (形) adjective 野 yě
orange (名) noun 橙子 chéngzi
sailboat (名) noun 只, 艘 帆船 fānchuán
to have a pleasant journey (idiom) (习惯用语) idiomatic expression 一路顺风 yīlù shùnfēng
to guess (动) verb 猜 cāi
shameful, ugly, disgraceful, clown, 2nd earthly branch: 1-3 a.m., 12th solar month (6th January to 3rd February), year of the Ox, (Chinese surname) (形) adjective , (名) noun None 丑 chǒu
suit trousers (名) noun 西裤 xīkù
suit, western-style clothes (historical usage) (名) noun 件 西服 xīfú
to remember, to bear in mind, to learn by heart 记住 jìzhu
short sleeves, short-sleeved shirt 短袖 duǎnxiù
fleece, wool, woolen (名) noun 羊毛 yángmáo
to knit a sweater (动宾式) verb object 织毛衣 zhī máoyī
coat, jacket (名) noun 件 外套 wàitào
jeans (名) noun 条 牛仔裤 niúzǎi kù
short pants, shorts (名) noun 短裤 duǎnkù
to beat, to win, to profit (动) verb 赢 yíng
sports shoes, sneakers (名) noun 运动鞋 yùndòng xié
slippers, sandals, flip-flops (名) noun 双, 只 拖鞋 tuōxié
underpants, panties, briefs (名) noun 条 内裤 nèikù
corset, sockpuppet (Internet slang), vest (dialect) 马甲 mǎjiǎ
meager, slight, weak, ungenerous or unkind, frivolous, to despise, to belittle, to look down on, to approach or near, (Chinese surname) (形) adjective 薄 bó
thin, cold in manner, indifferent, weak, light, infertile (形) adjective 薄 báo
sleeveless garment (vest, waistcoat, singlet, tank top etc) (名) noun 件 背心 bèixīn
swimsuit, bathing suit (名) noun 件 泳衣 yǒngyī
swim trunks (名) noun 条 泳裤 yǒngkù
formal dress 正装 zhèngzhuāng
necktie (名) noun 条 领带 lǐngdài
to go out (动补式) verb complement 出去 chūqù
network speed 网速 wǎngsù
signal (名) noun 信号 xìnhào
to stare 呆着 dāizhe
gym, gymnasium (名) noun 健身房 jiànshēn fáng
to go hunting (动) verb 打猎 dǎliè
commonly seen, common, to see something frequently (动) verb 常见 chángjiàn
fantastic oddities of every description (idiom), grotesquely shaped 奇形怪状 qí xíng guài zhuàng
to take a walk, to go for a walk (动宾式) verb object 散步 sànbù
cruel, mean, merciless, ruthless (名) noun 残忍 cánrěn
dormitory roommate 舍友 shèyǒu
World Cup 世界杯 shìjiè bēi
ocean (名) noun 个 海洋 hǎiyáng
dry land (as opposed to the sea) (名) noun 陆地 lùdì
Oslo, capital of Norway 奥斯陆 àosī lù
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