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Signs signals marks

Chapter 5: SIgns, Signals, & Marking. OK permit test

Red signs mean what? Stop or Not allowed
Green signs mean what? Directions
Yellow signs mean what? General Warning
Black & White signs mean what? Regulations and instructions
Orange signs mean what? Warning: Construction or maintenance
Blue signs mean what? Service and facilities
Brown signs mean what? Recreation and Scenic guides
When you see a stop sign what are you to do? Come to a complete stop at the intersection.
Four Way or ALL WAY means what? Added below a stop sign, means ALL traffic approaching this intersection MUST stop.
Yield signs mean? Slow down and be ready to stop if needed
"NO" sign a red circle with a line through means what? DO NOT or NOT ALLOWED
What do regulatory signs do? They tell you what you must and must not do. They help regulate traffic.
Handicap signs mean what? Only those with handicap sign/stickers/plaques can park in these designated spots
Warning signs do what? Warning signs signal conditions immediately ahead such as road hazards.
Warning signs are what shaped? Warning signs are diamond shaped
Construction and maintenance signs are what color? Orange
What does the color orange tell us? You are nearing a work zone.
Orange signs, barricades, and lane channeling devices do what? Direct you through the construction or hazard
Service signs are what color? Blue
What are service signs used for? To give information and directions about facilities
What are traffic signals? Traffic signals control the movement of vehicles and pedestrians at intersections.
Green light means to go
Yellow light means steady, the light is going to turn red. Must stop IF you CAN.
Red light means come to a complete stop.
Green arrows mean turn, when the arrow is lit you can turn in the direction the arrow is pointing
Red flashing lights mean STOP, go when safe
Flashing yellow lights mean Caution, slow down, look both directions, drive slow
Walk sign means Pedestrian can walk
DONT WALK Pedestrian cannot walk yet
Flashing don't walk sign If you're already in the middle of walk lane, keep going if at the curb, stay at curb
Red X steady don't use lane
Yellow X Steady, clear the lane,
Green arrow, Steady, lane open for traffic
Yellow broken line Two lane, two way traffic, passing permitted
Yellow solid lines both sides Two lane, two way traffic. No passing in either side.
Two lane, two way traffic yellow broken lines on one side, solid on other Traffic with broken yellow lines can pass. Those with solid lines cannot
Created by: JoriLynn