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OAT Orgo

Chapter 12 - Purification and Separation

Extraction separates dissolved substances based on solubility in aqueous versus organic solvents; immicible liquids
Filtration separates solids from liquids
Recrystallization separates solids based on differential solubility; temp is impt cuz it should dissolve what we want with heat and solidify it with cool air but keep solvent dissolved at both temps
Sublimation solid to gas; separates solids
centrifugation separates large things based on mass and density
distillation separating liquids based on bp
chromatography stationary phase, mobile phase; separates compounds based on how tightly they adhere
electrophoresis separates macromolecules based on size and sometimes charge
Isoelectric Focusing separates proteins based on charge
Created by: JaeBae4444