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"question answer"
"Deviation Compass angle measured between Magnetic North and Compass North"
"Compass Error Compass angle measured between True North and Compass North (Variation +Deviation)"
"To find Magnetic Heading Add EAST Deviations, Subtract WEST Deviations"
"Convert True Course to Compass Course True Virgins Make Dull Company, --> True, Variation, Magnetic, Deviation, Compass"
"Covert Compass Course to True Course Opposite--> Compass, Deviation, Magnetic, Variation, True"
"DR Dead Reckoning Positioned arrived when only heading and distance travel are considered"
"EP Estimated Position Positioned found when the effects of strean, current and leeway (drift) are applied to DR"
"Use DR or EP first? Always use DR to find EP"
"Position Lines Fix the vessels postion by taking compass bearing of 3 identifiable objects, converting to trueand drawing on chart"
"A line of position P/L, Vessel must be somewhere on that line"
"Transit When 2 identifiable and charted objects are in a line, they are in transit, the position line fromed from a transit is the most reliable"
"Sea speed Knots through the water"
"Ground speed Knots over ground, resultant of sea speed and tidal stream or current"
"Cocked hat 3 Bearing points which make a triangle.. always pick the intersection which puts you further ahead"
"Deviation and ships heading Deviation changes with ships heading"
"T to M Variation (earth)"
"M to C Deviation (vessel)"
"T to C Compass error (M+C)"
"Spring Tides Nesw of full moon, 2 (max) high, 2 (max) low per month"
"Neap Tides Moon 1st and last qtrs, 1 week after full or new, not so much change and 180 out of sync with spring tide timing"
"HK Tides 2.4m HWS (high water springs), 2m MHWS (mean hi water springs), .3m MLWS, 1.5m MHW neep, 1-.8 MLW neep"
"Tide Frequency daily 2 high water and 2 low water per day... spring tide starts high at midnight"
"Lateral marks Port red, starboard green, Navigable channel arrow with direction of bouyage"
"Cardinal marks North mark, full black top, East partial black top, West partial back bottom, South full black bottom"
Created by: JASW
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