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"question answer"
"What is Latitude? Measure Degrees and Minutes, North and South from the equator, 0 to 90...lie on the parallel of latitude"
"What is Longitude? Measure Degrees and Minutes, East and West of Greenwich Meridian, 0 to 180, lie on the meridian of longitude"
"Latitude spoken (?) First"
"1 minute of Latutude = (?) 1 Sea Mile = 1 nautical mile = 6076.6ft = 1852m"
"Use to measure distance Latitude, NEVER Longitude"
"Which chart scale to use? Largest scale is always to be used"
"Bearing? Direction from one object to another and is always described as from the point of sighting to the object being looked at"
"Relative bearing Given relative to ships heading"
"Course Intended heading"
"Track Path followed"
"Magnetic Variation The effect on compass due to earths magnetic field"
"Magnetic Deviation The effect on compass due to vessel's magnetic field"
"Water Track Leeway effect, 1 arrow >"
"Ground Track Direction of movement, 2 arrows >>"
"Current Direction of movement due to tide or current 3 arrows >>>"
"Chart yellow, blue, white, green Land, water, water, drying heights"
"Drying heights Top of object (rock) as measured to Chart datum, just below lowest tide"
"Compass points 32, 11.25 degrees or 1 point"
"Masthead light White light placed over fore and aft centerline, 225 deg, Vessel under Power"
"Sidelights Green starboard, red port, 112.5 deg"
"Sternlights White light close to stern, 135 deg"
"Towing light Yellow light on stern"
"All around light 360 deg"
"Flashing light 120 flashes per minute"
"Underway Capable of moving, not at anchor, not aground, not made fast @ shore"
"Making way Moving"
"Red || Green (if oppose) Danger"
"Light ?, Power Driven vessels less than 7m and less than 7 knots One all round white light"
"Light ?, Power Driven vessels less than 12m and under power One all round withe light and 2 side lights"
"Light ?, Power Driven vessels less than 50m and under power I mast head light, 2 side lights, 1 stern light"
"Light ?, Power Driven vessels 50m + and under power 2 mast head lights, 2 side lights, 1 stern light"
"Towing 200 meter or less Yellow stern light on towing vessel, no white light on towed vessel"
"Towing more than 200m Yellow stern light on towing vessel, and 3 white lights...no white light on towed vessel"
"Towing more than 200m at day 2 Black diamonds, one each vessel"
Created by: JASW