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"question answer"
"Engine 2 stroke (Diesel or Petrol?) Petrol"
"Engine 4 stroke (Diesel or Petrol?) Deisel"
"4 engine systems? Fuel, Cooling, Lubrication, Exhaust"
"SAE Society of Automotive Engineers"
"Viscosity Resistence to flow"
"4 events of an engine Induction, Compression, Power (Combustion), Exhaust"
"Petrol Engine Typical Compression Ratio 7:1"
"Diesel Engine Typical Compression Ratio 20:1"
"Carb Venturi Low pressure"
"Carb Throttle Open for air/fuel mixture increase flow"
"Carb Choke To restrict air flow for cold start"
"Carb Atomized Fine spray of fuel and air"
"Carb Float Chamber Fills with petrol"
"Carb Needle Valve Allows petrol into float chamber"
"Carb Main Jet For idle"
"3 Functions of Gear Box Speed Reduction, Reverse, Neutral"
"Engage/Dis-engage gears Dog clutch"
"Weak point in power train Shear Pin"
"Diesel compression 2000:1"
"Diesel do's and donts Keep fuel clean, keep fuel system primed, need to bleed if air in system"
"Air movement in/out, natural Natural Aspiration (engines)"
"More air added to engine Turbo charged, exhaust fan and intake fan"
"Keep water out on prop shaft Stern Gland"
"2 Types of Bilge Pumps Piston and Diaphram"
"Bilge Pump Filter Strum"
"Life Jacket and Bouancy aid They are different"
"Fire buckets on craft over 45 ft Painted Red, fitted with lanyard, kept full of sand or water"
"Marine Rescue Coordination Center Call upon SAR resources, coordinate rescue and control, assess type of assitance required in an emergency"
"A sea anchor can be used to Position a disabled vessels head into wind"
"Exhaust is blue color means? Oil burning"
"Governor is used to? Maintain steady speed"
"Engine temp controlled by? Thermostat"
"Cooling water in crankcase? Greyish white liquid"
"After running engine for a while, do not stop immediately, but allow to run at idle for 10 minutes. Why? To allow to cool down"
"What is a snubbing line used for? To protrect windlass from shock loading"
Created by: JASW
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