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Exam 1

Chapters 1-6

Primary purpose of modern EMS Permits patient care to begin at the scene of the injury or illness
Document that created modern day EMS Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society
Difference between EMR and EMT EMR are not allowed to work or provide care in an ambulance, EMT's can.
Explain QI A system of internal and external reviews and audits of all aspects of an emergency medical system. AKA CQI
Explain online and offline medical direction Online direction requires the EMT get permission from a physician through a electronic device. Offline let's EMT's use their own judgement.
Explain Standing Order A subset of protocols that do not require real time physician input.
Explain E911 and EMD E911 provides EMS with exact location of the call, while EMD takes the call and also gives advice on what to do.
Wearing a high visibility vest increases your what? Personal safety
Scope of practice Actions and care that EMT's are legally allowed to perform
Informed consent Patient must be informed of care provided before it begins.
Expressed consent Must be obtained from every conscious person before treatment begins.
Implied consent Assuming care that is given to an unresponsive patient.
Assault The willful threat to inflict harm on a patient.
Battery Touching a patient without his or her consent.
Slander Words that damage a persons character or reputation in the community.
Explain HIPAA Law that protects the patients health information and gives him control over how it is used.
EMTALA statute Patient with a medical problem can't be turned away by the ER.
Explain subjective and objective finding. Subjective is information the patient must tell you, and objective is information the EMT discovers on his own.
Pertinent negative Signs or symptoms the patient might show, but denies having.
Info in the PCR administration The EMS unit number, run or call number, names of crew and their certification level, and address where they were dispatched
Chief complaint Answer to the question, why did you call EMS today?
Can you obtain a refusal for a suicidal patient, or do you need to transport him? You can, as long as the patient knows that he or she is putting themselves at risk and they understand the consequences.
PCR A confidential record of care given and may be used for education and research
When contacting the ER by radio you should.. Identify yourself and who you are contacting, followed by how do you copy?
Is making eye contact with your patients effective for communication? Yes, it helps your communication and shows your concern.
What is the FCC? Federal Communication Comission
When should you use closed ended questions? When the EMT or patient talks too much
Body mechanics The safest and most efficient method of using your body to gain a mechanical advantage.
Maximum distance you should reach 15-20 inches in front of the body
An unresponsive or patient with altered mental status should be transported in which position? The rapid extrication technique
Statute of limitations Patient only has a certain amount of time to file a negligence claim.
Number 1 priority on every scene Safety
5 stages of grief Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
When do we need to wear reflective vests and why? At all times, especially at night for the EMT's personal safety from being hit by cars.
Describe Hepatitis B and how its transmitted. A serious disease that effects the liver and is contracted by bodily fluids.
Describe Hepatitis C and how its transmitted. The most common blood borne infection in the US and is transmitted by a needle.
What are indications of liver problems? Fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, headache, fever, jaundice, dark urine.
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