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Chapter Test

What country is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia? Cambodia
_______ is roughly similar to that of Java, Indonesia. Cambodian Court Music
What is Cambodia's musical ensemble or orchestra? Pinpeat
Pinpeat is similar to what ensemble of Thailand? Piphat Ensemble
The pinpeat ensemble consists of _________, _______, ________, _________, _________. Oneat, Samphor, Skorthom, Kongvong, Chhing
What is Cambodia's famous structure? Angkor Wat
What are the two basic kinds of Indonesian music scale? Slendro and Peloq
What is Indonesian term of tempo? Irama
What is the most popular form of music in Indonesia? Gamelan
What is the term for every kind of gamelan music in Java? Karawitan
What are the two types of Gamelan? Javanese and Balinese
Myanmar was know as ________ until 1989. Burma
What is Myanmar's traditional music ensemble? Hsaing Waing
Hsaing Waing consists of _________, _________, __________, ___________, ___________, ________. Hne, Maung Hsaing, Kyi Waing, Siand wa, Chauk Lon Pat.
What is Myanmar's National instrument? Saung Gauk
An extensive collection of classical songs? Mahagita
What are the two types of Malaysia's music? Classical & Folk Music and Syncretic or Acculturated music
What are the Musical Ensembles and types of performances in Malaysia? Agung and Kulintang,Kertok, Dikir Barat, Selat Melayu
What are the three primary instrumental ensembles of Thailand? Khrueang Sai, Piphata and Mahori
What are the two categories of Lao orchestra? Sep Nyai and Sep Noi
What is Vietnamese music? nhac Viet Nam
What are the categories of Vietnamese Music? Imperial court music, Folk music and Religous and Ceremonial music
Created by: Mia Sherrie