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AI - Obs Terminology

Bedsore decubitus ulcer
watery, clear drainage serous
bruised skin ecchymosis
area of raw skin excoriated
swollen or puffy edematis, inflammation
blisters bulla, vesicle
redness of erythema
bloody drainage sanquinous
watery, boody drainage serosanquinous
drainin mucus & pus mucopurulent
remove, clean debride
mucus from lower airway phlegm
pale whitish color pallor
afraid & worried anxious
blue in color cyanotic
able to straighten extension
seen on both sides bilateral
no teeth adentuous
iv flowing into a vein infusion, patent
difficulty swallowing dysphagia
soft abdomen flacid
bringing up mucus expectorate
difficulty breathing dyspnea
where the spine ends coccyx
unable to speak aphasia
permanent flexion of joint contracture
cold & moist skin clammy
no control over bowels incotinent
blood in urine hematuria
raised red solid lesions red pappula rash
normal color of urine pale yellow
no control over bladder incontinent
paralysis of 1 side f the body hemiplagia
yellow color of skin/sclera jaundice
excessive sweating diaphoresis
paralysis of lower body only paraplegia
increased urination polyuria
abd. appears swollen distention
any local abnormality of tissue wound
paralysis of all extremeties quadriplegia
tubing that drain without difficulty patent
anterior bend of elbow anticubital
drainage with pus purulent
Created by: Veronatron