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Law gr 11

Murphy Fought to get women the vote
Reasonable A term that applies to many aspects of our justice system
Equity Payment to evaluate as equal in worth
Diefenbaker Created the Bill of rights
Jews Denied Entry Prior to WW2
Stereotyping Judging an opinion of one person applying it to the group
Summary form of conviction that uses transcript under appeal
Resitition Repaying the Victim of a crime
3 The number of judges in appeal court
Cabinet could reduce a sentence of death
sufrage The right to vote in political election
homosexuality Criminal code offence until 1967
assimilation process of absorbing a minority
1st nations term originated by aboriginals
compensation public $ used to assist a victim of crime
restorative emphasize forgiveness
collective right of grouo
Japenese enemy aliens during WW2
discrimination treating individuals diff based on characteristics (20)
parole Hearing that may or may not release the offender - 22
stonewall Gay resistance against police brutality - 23
crown cannot appeal based on question of fact - 24
harrassment Unwelcome actions - 25
release act that allows the victim to know the charge of the accused - 28
ukraines 30 - enemy aliens during WW1
prejudice preconceived opinion of a certain group - 31
complainant 32- person who makes an allegation of discrimnation
maximum 33-From of security for the most dangerous offenders
orientation 35- nature of ones sexuality
persons 36- case established rights of women
thirty 37- # of days b4 appeal is allowed
circle 41- aboriginal technique of justice
ombudsman 43-offical appointed to investigate complaints
open 45-custody that allows supervised access to the community
hanging 47- form of punishmment used in canada until 1962
appellant 48-party requesting appeal
majority 49-method of ruling in a appeal court
healing 50 - resolves issues between offenders and victim
points 19-criteria for admission to immigrate to Canada
correctional 21-term used to describe canadian prison system
sentence 26- crown can appeal based on this
feminist 27 - one who believes in equality of sexes
2 29 - minimum # of yrs in max security for 1st degree murder
mistake 33 - only grounds for a legal appeal
respondent 34 - party opposing an appeal
house 38 - form of arrest for conditional release
trial 39 - can be ordered based on appeal
railroad 40 - built chinese workers denied citizenship
limited 42 - roles of victim in the justice process
capital 44 - form of punishment resulting in death
closed 46 - most secure form of detention
civil battery John Grabs Hilary after she asks him to stop
alcohol measure commercial hosts can take to reduce liability
occupier a person who controls and supervises a property
deny an accused use in his or her defence
act of god accident occurs after vechile is struck by lightning
defamation in a ___________ case, a plantiff must prove: the words used by the defendant were false
consent defence for trespass
civil assault John tells hilary he will stab her
absolute privelege politicans cannot be sued for comments
Intentional Tort nuisance are example of ___
vicarious liablity the father may be held partially responsible because he owns the car
Temporary Insanity defence of crime as a result of a stroke
Duty of Care each motorist is priveleged to be driving
Self Defence the legal use of reasonable force
automatism An involuntary action by a person
private nuisance someone property is being interfered
reasonable Not a key characteristic of Negligence
Intoxication can lower a conviction or reduce a criminal sentence
Insane Automatism a person with parnoid schizophrenia murders
Jason Hill false imprisonment case
Battered WOmen syndrome a psychological condition caused by severe and usually prolonged domestic violence
Alibi arguing the accused was not at scene of the crime
foreseeability a persons ability to anticipate the specific result
aggravated compensation awarded for mental distress
obscenity otherwise taboo, indecent, abhorrent, or disgusting
anabolic steroids use of this drug results in thousand dollar fine
LSD schedule one of CDSA
horse and cow origin of law as a rule of society
indictable judge or jury trial
luring no person may use the internet w/ a young person for the commission of sexual offence
onus the _________ is on the crown to prove
driving operation of a car
nominal compensation to indicate a moral victory
lawful arrest the police should identify themselves
2nd degree spouse killed by spouse after caught w/ companion
litigation legal action to solve a civil dispute is called
1892 the CC of Canada was introduced in
10 bodily harm is punishable on indictment not exceeding
rob assault to be considered aggravated intent to ____
undertaking signed promise
john the person who receive prostitution
procure against the law for parents to _______ their child to engage in sex
special compensation for out of pocket expenses
after assault ____ the fact
accidental ______ application of force is an assault
defendant the person being sued
controlled drugs canadas federal drug control statute
probability civil trial the decision is based on
manslaughter texting while driving car results in death
summary conviction no fingerprints requred for this category of offence
procedure police tell you that you are being arrested
adversarial we have an ____________ system of justice
plantiff The person suing
interference no one can touch any part of the body of a child under the ___
competition act that cracks down on the recent proliferation of deception
new laws judges cant create
14 Arson - Damage to property sentence
burgurarly the intent to break into a building
damages money awarded to plantiff is
robbery requiring both theft and a form of violence
theft simply involves taking something
intention decision to bring about a prohibited consequence
each youth custody is automatically reviewed at the end of ______ year
summons a ________ serves the same purpose as an appearance notice
prevent crime one purpose of the YCJA
negligence _________ is an offence that arises in situations involving the death
release once a person has been arrested and charged
state of mind accused person has planned
transfer to adult not true of the YCJA
promise to appeal a document that the accused signs
Mens Rea guilty mind
Undertaking signed promise
Surety promised by someone other than the accused
Youth aged 12 to 15 are tried in ________ court
adversarial we have an _________ system of justice
appearance notice officers may serve accused with an __________
24 Release within ____ hours
extra judicial term _________ is a measure for non violent
Guilty Act Actus Reus
Onus The __ is on the crown to prove
recognizance is a signed promise that the accused will pay a certain value of money
New LAws not true about judges
motive explains why a person acted or refused to act
attempt an _______ to commit a crime when an accused makes an unsuccessful effort
Tom Brady Greatest QB of all time
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