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AI-drug Classes

ANTICONVULSANT prevents seizures
ANTIDOTE counteracts drug overdose or poison
ANALGESIC pain releiver that doesn't cause loss of consciousness
DIURETIC increases urinary output
LAXATIVE to prevent or treat constipation
VASODILATOR relaxes bv, improves bld flow, lowers BP
SSRI selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, to treat depression
MUCOLYTIC breaks up mucus (for lung, kidney, and liver problems)
ANESTHETIC blocks pain completely, may be local or general
ANTACID neutralizes stomach acid
ANTIDEPRESSANT helps ese depression (broad classification)
ANTIDIARRHEAL relieves diarrhea
ANTIANXIETY releives anxiety and reduces muscle tension
EMETIC causes vomiting
ANTIFUNGAL kills fungus
ANTIHISTAMINE prevents action of histamine (allergic rx, hives, rash, rhinitis)
HYPOGLYCEMIC lowers bld sugers
HYPNOTIC sleeping pill
ANTIARRHYTMIC prevents irregular heart rhythms
ANTIHPERLIPIDEMIC lowers cholesterol
ANTICOAGULANT prevents bld clots (aka bld thinners)
EXPECTORANT loosens phlegm so it can be coughed up, liquefies vaginal secretions
ANTIBIOTICS to treat bacterial infections
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY decreases inflammation
ANTICHOLINERGIC blocks sympathetic nerves (digestive system, colon, bladder)
ANTIVIRAL to treat viral infections
ANTINEOPLASTIC drugs to treat cancer
CARDIAC GLYCOSIDE make heart beat stronger
CONTRACEPTIVE birth control
ANTIPARKINSONIAN to treat Parkinson's disease
ANTITUSSIVE stops cough
BRONCHODILATOR dilates bronchi, pt can breathe better
ANTPYRETIC to treat fever
ANTIULCER to prevent or relieve stomach ulcers
COX2 INHIBITOR pain relief for arthritis and/or jt. pain
DECONGESTANT reduces nasal congestion and swelling
GASTRIC ACID PUMP INHIBITOR to prevent heartburn and heal lining of esophagus
MUSCLE RELAXANT back pain or other muscle relief
NEUROLEPTIC to modify psychotic behavior
NSAIDs used to decrease inflammation and pain
SEDATIVE to calm agitation without causing sleep
Created by: Veronatron