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Nursing Pharmacology

Memory Aid for Drugs by Generic Name Prefix Root or Suffix

-ase & -plase thrombolyic agent ase usually indicates enzyme
- azole antifungal - antimicrobial
cef- & ceph- cephalosporin antibiotic; check allergy to this class and penicillins
-cillin penicillin, antibiotic check allergy
-cycline tetracycline, antibiotic
-dipine calcium channel blockers antianginal, antihypertensive
-dronate bisphosphonate bone resorption inhibitor
-floxacin fluroquinoline - antibiotic
-micin, -mycin aminoglycoside - antibiotic
nitr- , -nitr- nitrate, vasodialator, antianginal
-olol, -lol beta adrenergic blocker, antihypertensive and/or antianginal
-parin anticoagulant, heparin or heparinoid
-phylline xanthine type of bronchodilator
-prazole GI proton pump inhibitor, antiulcer
-pril angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor antihypertensive
sal-, -sal- contains salicylate check for allergy to salicylates or ASA
-sartan angiotensin II receptor antagonist, antihypertensive
-sone, -lone, pred- corticosteroid
sulfa- sulfonamide antibiotic check for allergy to sulfa
-terol adrenegic type of bronchodilator
-tidine histamine H2 antagonist GI antiulcer
-triptan vascular headache suppressant, serotonin (5-HT1)anonist
-vir antiviral antinfective
-zepam, -zolam benzodiazepine, anti anxiety, sedative/hypnotic
-zosin peripherally acting alpha 1 blocker, antihypertentsive
-caine local anesthetics
-dine antiulcer agents - histamine H2 blockers
-done opioid analgesics
-ide oral hypoglycemics
-lam anti anxiety drugs
-mide diuretics
-nium neuromuscular blocking agents
-oxacin antibiotics
-pam anti-anxiety drugs
-statin anti hyperlipidemics
-zide diuretics
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