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Module 2

Flashcards from Second Module

Latin WordEnglish Definition
caper, capri (M) Goat
dolus, doli (M) Trick
gigas, gigantis (M) Giant...Der: gigantic
graecus, graeci (M) Greek(person)
herba, herbae (F) Herb, Plant, Grass...Der: herbal, herbivore
impedimentum, impedimenti (N) Hindrance(Pl means Baggage)...Der: impediment, impede
nihil (N) (Indeclinable noun) Nothing...Der: nihilism, nihilistic, nihilist
oculus, oculi (M) Eye...Der: oculus, binocular, monocle
ovis, ovis (F) Sheep
palus, pali (M) Stake, stick...Der: impale
pes, pedis (M) Foot...Der: pedestrian, pedestal
porta, portae (F) Door, Gate...Der: portal
regnum, regni (N) Kingdom...Der:(rego)
rex, regis (M) King...Der:(rego)
saccus, sacci (M) Sack, Bag...Der: saccate
saxum, saxi (N) Rock
somnus, somni (M) Sleep...Der: insomniac, somnambulist
spelunca, speluncae (F) Cave...Der: speluncking
vinum, vini (N) Wine...Der: vine, vineyard
devoro, devorare, devoravi, devoratus Swallow up, Gulp down, Devour
edo, edere, edi, esus Eat...Der: edible
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessurus Go out, Go away, Go from...Der: exceed, excessive
ligo, ligare, ligavi, ligatus Bind, Tie...Der: ligament
caput, capitis (N) Head...Der: capital, decapitate, chief
carmen, carminis (N) Song
cera, cerae (F) Wax...Der: cerate, sincere
clamor, clamoris (M) Noise, Shouting...Der: clamor, clamorous
corpus, corporis (N) Body...Der: corpulent, corporeal, Corpus Christi, corpse
flumen, fluminis (N) River...Der: fluid, flume
imperium, imperi (N) Command, Order...Der: imperious
mensis, mensis (M) Month
nomen, nominis (N) Name...Der: nomenclature, nomination, nominative
ordo, ordinis (N) Order, Rank, Row...Der: inordinate, ordinary
pila, pilae (F) Ball...Der: pill, pillar
regia, regiae (F) Palace
sus, suis (M/F) Sow, Swine, Pig
tempus, temporis (N) Time...Der: (con)temporary, temporal
vulnus, vulneris (N) Wound...Der: (in)vulnerability
cano, canere, cecini, cantus Sing...Der: cantor, chant, chanteus
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausus Close...Der: clause, include, conclude, preclude, seclude, exclude, clausura, closure
frango, frangere, fregi, fractus Break, Shatter...Der: fraction, fracture, fragment, refraction, fragile, fragility
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus Throw, Hurl...Der: project, eject, subject, reject, inject, conjecture, abject, dejected, interject, object
iacto, iactare, iactavi, iactatus Throw, Cast, Fling, Away
lavo, lavare, lavi, lautus Wash, Bathe...Der: lavage, lavatory
muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatus Change...Der: mutation, permutation
plico, plicare, plicavi, plicatus Fold...Der: application, apply
ignotus, ignota, ignotum Unknown
suus, sua, suum His, her, Its, Their
auris, auris (F) Ear...Der: aural
civis, civis (M) Citizen...Der: civic, civilian, civilize, civilization, civility
civitas, civitatis (F) Citizenship, State
cupiditas, cupiditatis (F) Desire...Der: cupidity, Cupid
finis, finis (M) End, (Pl. borders, territory)...Der: final, finite, finale, finalize
hostis, hostis (M) Enemy(usually plural)...Der: hostile, hostility, hostage
iter, itineris (N) Journey, Road, march...Der: itinerant, itinerary
labor, laboris (M) Work, Hardship...Der: labor, laborious, eleborate
mare, maris (N) Sea...Der: marine, submarine, mariner
mons, montis (M) Mountain...Der: mount
navis, navis (F) Ship...Der: naval, navy
pastor, pastoris (M) Shepherd...Der: pastor, pastoral
uxor, uxoris (F) Wife...Der: uxorial, uxorious
vestis, vestis (F) Garment, Clothes...Der: vest, vestment, investiture
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectus (facio) Complete, Exhaust...Der: confection
texo, texere, texui, textus Weave...Der: text, textile
tutus, tuta, tutum Safe
Created by: TimLatin2