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Key Terms

Activities of Daily Living Self- care perform daily to remain independent
Chronic Care Long- term care
Confidentiality Respecting, guarding personal/ private info
D.I.P.P.S Dignity, Independent, Preferences, Privacy and Safety
Empathy Ability to recognize, perceive, understanding another's persons emotions
Rehabilitation Process of restoring a person to the highest possible level
Scope of practice Legal limits & extent of a health care worker
Social Support Social Reintegration
Respite Care Temporary Care
Acute Care Short Time Stay
Primary Care giver Person who assumes responsibilities for caring for person with illness
Prefix Placed at the beginning
Root Placed in the middle
Suffix Placed at the end
Word Element Whole Word
Anterior Located at the front
Posterior Back surface of the body
Distal Farthest from centre
Proximal Nearest to the Trunk
Lateral Farthest away from the midline
Medial Closet to the midline
Objective Data Signs
Subjective Data Symptoms
Acute Stress Short in Duration
Chronic Stress Ongoing stress
Defence Mechanism Blocks unpleasant or threating feelings
Eustress Healthy, gives fulfillment
Stress Emotional, response to an event
Stressor Causes stress
Discretion Responsible judgement to avoid causing distress
Ethics Principles & values guide us from right and wrong
Autonomy Respecting the client's right to make choices from himself
Justice Being Fair
Beneficence Doing Good
Nomaleficence Doing no harm
Tort Wrongful act committed
Negligence Fail to act careful/ competent manner to harm a client
Conjunctivitis Pink Eye
Otitis Media Infection in ear
Gastroenteritis Illness causes vomiting/ diarrhea head to dehydration
Agism Feeling of intolerance
Atrophy Wasting away tissue
Discrimination Unfair treatment
Dysphagia Difficulty Swallowing
Dyspnea Painful breathing
Clean technique medical asepsis
Sterile Technique Surgical asepsis
Abduction Movement away from midline
Adduction Movement towards midline
Aspiration Fluid in the lungs
Gastro-Jejunostomy tube Stomach to jejunum
Gastrostomy tube opening stomach
Biofilm Sticks to the teeth
Pediculosis Lice
Dysuria Painful urination
Aphasia Complete loss speech/ language skills
Dysarthria Difficulty speaking
Expressive aphasia Difficulty speaking/ writing
Expressive/ receptive Difficulty speaking & understanding
Receptive Aphasia Difficulty Understanding
Bradycardia Slow Heart Rate
Tachycardia Fast Heart Rate
Dysrhythmia irregular rhythm pulse
Decubitus ulcer Pressure ulcer
Edema Swelling in tissues
R.I.C.E Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevate
Apnea Absence of breathing
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