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science final 4

The __________________of a population, which occurs at a steady state, is the greatest number of a particular species that the environment can support. carrying capacity
Sea anemones provide shelter for shrimp, and shrimp keep anemones clean. This____________ relationship is an example of mutualism. symbiotic
The _______ force between 2 objects is either repulsive or attractive. electric
_______Stars form supernovas, which can eventually become _____________ or ______ stars supergiant, black holes,nuetron
The ________ model of light explains how light can travel through empty space without a medium. particle
A symbiotic realtionship in which both species benefit is called ________. mutualism
A ________ is characterized by coniferous forests, wolves and elk, while a _______ is characterized by cacti, lizards and snakes. taiga, desert
__________ are tiny, free floating photosynthesis organisms in the ocean, while ____________ are small animal-like organisms that consume them. phytoplankton, zooplankton
Total internal reflection allows light to transmit very quickly through ________ cables. fiberoptic
Seismic waves travel through _______ and other materials inside the earth. rocks
Earth's ___________ protects it from space debris, solar particles and ultraviolet radiation. atmosphere
A _________ force is felt between 2 objects of the same charge, while an _______ force is felt between objects of differen charges. repulsive, attractive
The ________ of a a wave is height of the wave and signifies the amount of _______. amplitude, energy
Competition, Crowding and stress are _______ limiting factors, while drought, flooding and earthquakes are density ________ limiting factors. dependent, independent
Galaxies are classified based on their _____, which are elliptical, ______ and irregular shape, spiral
The speed of a wave equals the wavelength times the _________. A wave that travels has a wavelength of 5 meters has a frequency of 2 ______. frequency, hertz
Potential difference is measure in ______ while current is measured in ___. voltz, amps
_____ is the planet known for it's runaway greenhouse effect, due to a thick _________. Venus, atmosphere
Our galaxy, the ________, is classified as a ______ galaxy. Milky Way, spiral
The surface temperature of a star can be estimated by its ______. color
During the initial phase on a logistic curve, growth is ____ ____, then experiences rapid growth during the ________ phase, then slows and stabilizes during the _____ ______ portion of the curve. very slow, exponential, steady state
Created by: squints0609