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science final part 2

____________________ revolve around the planets moons
Our _______________ is a typical main sequence star sun
Our sun will eventually turn into a _________ red giant
Our sun will eventually explode to form a planetary _______________. nebula
The north pole of one magnet is attracted to the _________________ pole of another magnet. south
_____________ converts electrical energy into mechanical energy electric motor
______________ converts mechanical energy into electrical energy generator
The angle of_________ equals the angle of reflection in the law of reflection. incidence
The angle of incidence equals the angle of _____________ in the law of reflection. reflection
Carbon dioxide is removed from the air by photosynthesis
Camouflage,shells, and poisons protect animals from predators
Energy in stars is a result of nuclear____________ reactions. fusion
Energy in stars is a result of nuclear fusion reaction, _______atoms turned into _____ atoms hydrogen, helium
___________ has hurricane like storms called the great red spot Jupiter
Great Dark Spot and Wizard's Eye are storms on _______. Neptune
________is the portion of a logistic curve in which the population growth remains the same. It represents the ________for that population. steady state, carrying capacity
Asbestos, glass and plastics are called ______ substances because they do not break down in the enviroment nonbiodegradable
_______is the rate at which charges move through a conductor current
over time, a lake fills in with silt and leaves and turns into a _____, then into a _____, abd eventually becomes dry land pond, marsh
a ________lens bends light outward to create both virtual and real images diverging
Created by: squints0609