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Final Science Test

What is a composite volcano? A composite volcano is a volcano that is tall and cone shaped. This volcano alternates erupting ash, lava and cinder.
What is a cinder cone volcano? A cinder cone volcano is a volcano that spews cinder and ash that piles up around the mountain.
What is a shield volcano? A shield volcano is a volcano that gives out lava and makes new layers of land with it on top. these layers are thin.
Explain and describe Pahoehoe lava/magma. Pahoehoe is a fast moving lava that is hot, thinner and contains not a lot of silica.
Explain and describe Aa lava/magma. A’a is a slow moving lava that is cooler, thicker and contains more silica.
Explain and describe Pyroclastic Flows. Pyroclastic flows are major explosions made by volcanoes when magma gets stuck in the neck of it. Pressure builds up and it explodes.
What is silica? Silica is a thickening agent made from oxygen and silicon.
What is a hot spot? A hot spot is a part of the land where magma has burst through the layers and created a volcano or island.
What is a geyser? A geyser is a jet of hot water that shoots out of the ground.
What is an extinct volcano? An extinct volcano is a volcano that is no longer active and will no longer shoot out lava.
What is a Caldera? A caldera is a large chamber made when lava empties itself from the magma chamber.
What is the so called ring of fire? The ring of fire is a chain of volcanoes around the Pacific Plate.
What is a dornmat volcano? A dornmat is a volcano that is sleeping and will eventually erupt at a time period in the future.
What is explosive? Explosive is the eruption that creates pyroclastic flows.
What is a hot spring? A hot spring is a pool of water made by a natural source that is heated by magma.
What is an active volcano? An active volcano is a volcano that is showing signs of exploding and/or exploding sometime in the near future.
What is a quiet eruption? A quiet eruption is an eruption that produced two types of lava.
What is a bathlolith? A batholith is what is formed when a magma chamber cools off.
What is a convergent boundary? A convergent boundary is when two plates move together in the same direction.
What is a divergent boundary? A divergent boundary is when two plates move away from each other in opposite directions.
What is a transform boundary? A transform boundary is when two plates move side by side and scrape against each other.
What is shearing? Shearing is when stress forms on a transform boundary.
What is tension? Tension is when stress forms on a divergent boundary.
What is comprehension? Compression is when stress forms on a convergent boundary.
What is a reverse fault? A reverse fault is when two divergent plates come together, and one piece of land slides off the other. One is then hanging over the other, and the other is positioned below it.
What is a normal fault? A normal fault is when two convergent plates come together, and one piece of land comes and dives under the other. One piece is then ontop of the other.
What is a strike-slip fault? A strike-slip fault fault is when two transform boundaries cross and then it rubs against each other to create the shocks
What is folding? Folding is the bending of rick upwards or downwards.
What is an anticline? Anticlines happen when the land rises into an arch formation.
What is sea floor spreading? When new material is added to the sea floor.
Created by: 16epurdy