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med surg

autoimmune disorder characterized by red skin patches with silvery scales psoriasis
What Tx are available for Herpes? Acyclovir(Zovirax) to lessen the frequency & length of out breaks * Herpes is NOT curable
Sm localized change in the color of skin that is neither raised nor depressed Macule
Sm solid rounded bump rising from the skin< 1 cm Papule
Sm blister on the skin Vesicle
what causes a shingles outbreak? latent virus from chickenpox residing in the dorsal root or cranial nerve ganglion cells are reactivated ,can be idiopathic, stress induced,from drug injections or llness
S/S of Herpes simplex 1 Vesicles at the corner of the mouth, lips or the nose area usually erthematous, vesicles appear ulcerated & encrusted , may be malaise or fatigue
S/S of Herpes simplex type 2 Vesicles that rupture , encrust causing ulceration's , cervix is the most common site in women
S/S herpes simplex type 2 penis is the most common site for men , flu like symptoms occur 3-4 days after a vesicles erupt headache , fever & anorexia
DX for Herpes skin scraping,lab cultures
caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox herpes varicellae
acute viral disease caused by the varicella zoster virus Shingles
sometimes associated with other disease such as pneumonia & lymphoma Shingles
appears as a vesicle eruption that follows the distribution of the sensory nerves causing excruciating pain Shingles
usually confined to one side of the body lasting 7-28 days Shingles
Dx for shingles isolate virus by a culture & physical exam
TX for shingles Acyclovir to shorten & lesson out breakouts , calamine & antihistamines for itching & PAIN meds
parasitic infection characterized by brown wavy lines Scabies
rash caused by staph aureus, staphylococcus,streptococol or mixed bacteria , HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!! malcules develop into pustular vesicles & crust over into honey colored crusty rash Impetigo
S/S of impetigo putritis, pain ,Pustular vesicles with honey colored crust
Dx of impetigo(contagiosa) would cultures
TX for impetigo Antiseptic soaps, topical cleansing agents,ABX,encourage good hygene
infection of hair follicle by staph folliculitis
a cluster of furnucles (folliculitis infection) Carbuncles
TX for carbuncles I&D (incision & drain) topical ABX & warm compresses
Ringworm of the scalp Tinea Capitis
Ringworm of the body Tinea Corporis
Athletes foot Tinea Pedis
Jock Itch Tinea Cruris
fungal infection, round lesions on the scalp or body w/clear center & erythematous boarders Ringworm
Dx for Tenia Capitis woods lamp or light causing hair to become brilliantly florescent
Tx for fungal infections topical or oral antifungals (Fulvicin, Griseofulvin), antifugal soaps or shampoos (Tinactin) Miconazole,lotrimin, usually for 2-3 wks
What special precautions should be given to women prior to prescribing Accutane you must NOT become pregnant due to high risk for severe birth defects
TX for lice Kwell, Rid, Nix & Lindane
Skin cancer that is highly malignant Melanoma
S/S of med allergies hives, rash, reddness & itching
Raised , shinny overgrowth of scar tissue Keloid
Development or drainage of pus suppuration
Causes for Alopecia Chemo, drugs, stress, genetics & hormones
Nursing interventions for Eczema keep skin clean, well hydrated, teach pt why they should not scratch, cool dressing to induce vasoconstriction
What should you do after being exposed to poison ivy Rise off the skin and cleans throughly
Teaching pt's how to rid house from lice wash clothing & linens in hot water then dry, bag up stuffed animals & pillows for 2wks
Debriding wounds help to prevent? infection & lesson scaring
these burns are blancable Surperficial / 1st degree
Skin graft from own body Autograft
skin graft from a donor Homograft
skin graft from a pig heterograft
what is the critical time for fluid loss in a burn victim? 1st 12hrs
additional risk for electrical burn victims Cardiac arrest
pain meds should be administered to a burn victim via IV
ulcer burn victims are at risk for Curling's Ulcers
Break in skin puts a pt at risk for infection from contact w/bacteria- area becomes reddened & has a stretched skin, edemateous appearance, can cause fever , chills & risk for sepsis Cellulitis
Abnormality of the skin skin lesion
flat reddened bump on the skin papule
blister like growth containing clear serous fluid vesicle
bubble of fluid below the skin blister
Sm blister filled w/pus pustule
Any skin disorder, particularly one that does not involve inflammation dermatosis
acute or chronic inflammation of the skin from any cause (sun burn, allergies, infection) Dematitis
itching pruritus
birthmark or mole neuos
contagious infection of the epidermis, many different varieties(plantar, linear) warts(verrucae)
contagious inflammation of the hair follicle often contracted from hot tubs
open sores & vesicles around the lips & gums very contagious fever blister (herpes simplex)
itchy shallow lesion on the foot & b/w the toes Tinea Pedis ( athletes Foot)
shallow lesions in the groin area Tinea cruris (jock itch)
itchy eruptions that usually affect the webs of the hands, wrist, elbows , gluteal cleft or nipples; papules & vesicles are very common Scabies
itchiness of the scalp,pubic area or other places on the skin Pedi cuclosis ( crabs)
Dx for impetigo Culture of excudate
Tx for impetigo Antiseptic soaps & cleansing agents (betadine & Hibiclens) ABX ( penicillin)
inflammation that begins deep in the hair follicles spreads to the surrounding skin -> location neck , buttocks & axillae Furuncle(boil)
cluster of furuncles -> cause obesity,poor nutrition, poor hygiene & untreated diabetes carbuncles
S/S of carbuncles pain edema erythematius, 3-4 cores after a few days , infected area becomes shinny center turns yellow
chronic skin disorder characterized by oval silvery,plague like scales w/patches of red especially on the scalp, ears & genitalia & over the bony prominence such as the elbows,hands, feet & lower back psoriasis
soft tissue around the finger nail becomes infected(hangnail) felon
superficial infection of the skin dermatitis
Causes for dermatitis drugs, plants, chemicals, soap, detergents, metal & foods
S/S of dermatitis lesions at the point of contact , pruritus & edema
Dx for dermatitis Hx, skin testing intradermally
Tx for dermatitis Antihistamines (benadryl)corticosteroids (topical & po)
never large, little spots or blemishes on the skin,flat,cannot be seen from the side just from above malcue
ingestion of certain mentals such as arsenic & mercury(can be fatal)aspirin, codeine,pcn iron,skin sloughs off area edematous exfoliative dermatitis
sensitivity to medications,erythema w/vesicular eruptions, respiratory ditress dermatitis medicamentosa
presence of wheals or hives, allergic reaction to drugs,food etc.. urticaria
urticaria is caused by release of histamine in antigen antibody reaction
S/S of urticaria wheals varying in shape & size,pruritus & burning pain
local edema of the entire area, such as eyelid,hands , feet ,tongue,GI tract & genitals form of urticaria that occurs under the SQ tissue angioedema
acute contagious skin disease caused by staph or strep esp- in children impetigo
cracks in the skin fissures
areas of the body most susceptible to tinea warm dark moist enviroments
common among children & transmitted by direct contact or fomites such as combs,scarves,hats & bed linen Pediculosis(lice)
transmitted through skin to skin contact Scabies
Atopic Dermatitis Eczema
idiopathic skin disorder causing erythmatous dry & crusted patches on the skin Eczema
tx for eczema SAIDS
idiopathic autoimmune chronic skin disease w/heritary basis,NO CURE psorasis
idiopathic cyclic progressive inflammatory skin disease that causes facial erthyema edema,papules,pustules & pain Rosacea
tx for rosacea advoidance of triggers(sunlight,stress,wind, extreme temperatures) topical Vit-A (retinol)& oracea
clogged subaceous glands Acne vulgaris
comedones(white heads,blackheads)indication noninflammatory acne; pustules indicate inflammatory acne Acne Vulgaris
absence of hair growth hypotrichosis
nails get soft or brittle & shape can change as they grow into the soft tissue Paronychia(ingrown nails)
synthetic graft snythetic skin substituts
comedome whiteheads or blackheads
affects all layers of the skin & some underlying tissue:open wounds w/black charring & white patches of nercrotic tissue leaves a scar third degree burn
affects the epidermis & dermis;redness & blistering can leave a scar second degree burn
affects the epidermis;redness of the skin usually followed sloughing of the skin first degree burn
dark patches or ulceration's of the skin that leads to necrorsis decubitus ulcer ( bedsore)
itchy skin eruptions urticaria (hives)
noncontagious,general inflammation,blister like formations that burst & crust over invovles the scalp,arms,trunk & legs; dry pigmented areas around the elbows & knees Atopic eczema
noncontagious inflammation of the skin & deeper tissues cellulitis
malignant tumor caused by development of neoplastic cells in the superficial layers of skin;appears as firm red ,keratinized tumor on the surface of the skin can metastasize Squamous cell carcinoma
malignant tumor caused by development of neoplastic cells in the basal layer;appears first as a bump & then enlarges,crusts & breaks open,hardly ever metastasizes Basal cell carcinoma
malignant tumor involving melanocytes;may start out as a nevus that enlarges,changes color,ulcerates & bleeds easily;matastasizes melanoma
malignant tumor of the epithelial tissue carcinoma
malignant tumor arising in tissue other than the epithelial tissue sarcoma
benign cartilaginous tumor chondroma
benign growth on the skin or mucous membrane papilloma
benign fatty tumor lipoma
dx test for malignant melonoma biopsy of the tissue
cancerous neoplasm in which the pigment cells invade the epidermis,dermis & sometimes SQ tissue malignant melonoma
firm nodular lesion topped w/crust or central area of ulceration & indurated margins rapid invasion w/metastasis squamous cell
pigmented congential skin blemish nevi(mole)
benign viral ,warty skin lesions w/rough nipple like growth,single or grouped thought to be contagious, located on the hands, fingers , arms but can be anywhere on the body verruca(wart)
group of blood vessels which dilate & form tumor like mass angioma
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