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World History Essays

Egypt Nile source water for farming&method of transportation-Nile floods predictably-Sea&desert provide protection from invaders-Seas&deserts limit cultural diffusion-Egyptians believe gods were happy&have positive outlook on life&afterlife cause life peaceful
Middle East -Fertile Crescent is arc of Farmland from Persian Gulf to Mediterranean-Tigris&Euphrates get water for farming but flood unpredictable-No natural barriers there were frequent wars lots of cultural diffusion-People had a negative outlook on life&afterlife
India o Indus River valley floods unpredictably o Hindu Kush and Himalaya mountains provide protection from invasions and limited cultural diffusion
China o Yellow River floods unpredictably and called River of Sorrows o China is isolated by its geography and has no contact with the outside world o Chinese developed suspicion and hostility to foreigners
Motives of the Crusades Pope: reclaim the Holy land, to reduce feudal warefare, & to increase power & heal split between Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox Church People:Salvation (they were promised by the pope if they died on the crusade they would go to heaven), Greed, & Ad
1st Crusade 1st:reclaim holy land Christians set up 4 feudal stated Edessa,Jerusalem,Antioch,Tripoli
2nd Crusade 2nd:reclaim Edessa/Christians defeated
3rd Crusade 3rd:Get back Jerusalem/Christians failed to get Jerusalem but truce was signed that Christans had safe travel to holy land-still unsuccessful
4th Crusade 4th:Crusaders attack Constantinople and they kill other Christians and weaken the Byzantine Empire/Contrary to original motives
Effects of Crusades 3 bad effects: Intolerance, Muslims control Holy Land, Indulgence 1 Good Effect: Technology & Trade
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