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What uses it's own fuel to position itself into the earth's orbit? orbiter
Describe what happened to the Challenger in 1986. destroyed on take off
Why did the Challenger break apart? exhaust from the SRB escaped & shot hot gases into the ET &caused it to break apart
What happened to the Challenger shuttle ? went into a supersonic tailspin causing it to break apart
People watching thought that the Challenger __________ in the air. Why? exploded the smoke(exhaust)
SRB solid rocket booster
SRB has solid______ which gives __________to lift off. fuel/thrust
O rings round rubber ring that stops a liquid from leaking
In what type of weather did the Challenger launch? cold weather
What happened to the o ring on the Challenger? cold caused the o to become TOO hard to seal off exhaust from SRB
Endeaver built to replace the Challenger
Endeaver delivered to Cape Canaveral in 1991
What happened to the Columbia shuttle in 2003? broke apart during re-entry
What was damaged on the Columbia? the tiles(heat shield) because of the foam insulation
What did the tiles on the Columbia remind people of as they peeled away? dominoes
What caused the Columbia to disintergrate? the heat(inferno)
What plan was put into place after the Columbia disaster? cameras film the launch to make sure no foam breaks off
If foam breaks off of the shuttle, it causes ___________. damage
On 1 of the Atlantis launches, the camera saw foam damage and... &______. an astronaut walked in space to inspect & fix the damage
How many heat tiles on a shuttle? 24,000
How hot can the nose & wingtips withstand on a shuttle? 3,000 degrees F
How fast does a shuttle travel? 17,500 mph or 5 miles per second
What is the landing speed of a shuttle? 220mph which is twice that of an air liner
The Challenger was destroyed in________. 1986
The Challenger "exploded" in ___________seconds after take off. 76
How many miles of runway does a shuttle need to land? 2 miles
Shuttles are designed to last ________ flights or layers. 100
Shuttles orbit the earth every ______________. 90 minutes
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