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Mr. D Theory

Schizophrenia Vocabulary

Affect emotional tone associated with behavior
Flat Affect absence of emotional expression
Blunted Affect weak or decreased emotional tone
Inappropriate Affect emotional tone incongruent with circumstances
Apathy indifference to or disinterest in the external environment
Loose Associations ideas shifting quickly from one unrelated topic to another ("flight of ideas")
Autism withdrawal from external environment, focused on internal fantasy world
Ambivalence opposite emotions towards the same object, person or situation
Anergia lack of energy
Anhedonia inability to experience or imagine pleasure
Avolition unable to initiate goal-directed activity, lack of motivation
Religiosity excessive demonstration of, or obsession with, religious ideas and behavior
Paranoia extreme suspiciousness of others and of their intentions
Regression retreat to earlier level of development (defense mechanism - ↓ anxiety)
Catatonic Excitement extreme psychomotor agitation (frenzied activity and incoherent verbalizations)
Catatonic Stupor extreme psychomotor retardation (unresponsive, mute, lack of spontaneous movement)
Posturing assuming inappropriate or bizarre positions and maintaining for long periods of time
Waxy Flexibility passive yielding of all moveable body parts to be placed in any position
Echolalia repeating words that are heard
Echopraxia imitating physical movements made by others
Mutism inability or refusal to speak
Word Salad group of words that are put together randomly, without any logical connection
Neologisms invention of new words that are meaningless to others
Perseveration persistent repetition of the same word or ideas in response to different questions
Clang Associations repetition of words or phrases similar in sound, often takes the form of rhyming
Circumstantiality delay in reaching the point because of unnecessary, tedious details
Tangentiality inability to reach the point because of the introduction of unrelated topics
Magical Thinking belief that one's thoughts or behaviors influence or control events or other people
Illusion misperception or misinterpretation of real external stimuli
Hallucination false sensory perceptions in the absence of real external stimuli. May be auditory (hearing), visual (sight), tactile (touch), olfactory (smell), or gustatory (taste).
Delusion false, fixed belief not supported by reality
Delusion of Reference all events in the external environment refer to oneself (often seen as receiving messages through the TV or newspaper directed at the individual)
Delusion of Persecution feels threatened and believes others are out to hurt him
Delusion of Grandeur exaggerated feeling of importance, power, knowledge or identity
Somatic Delusion false idea about the functioning of one's body
Created by: Sanctus Verus