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CH3 Med term

Anatomical terms

cutaneous pertaining to the skin
dermal pertaining to the skin
epidermal pertaining to upon the skin
hypodermic pertaining to under the skin
intradermal pertaining to within the skin
subcutaneous pertaining to under the skin
ungual pertaining to the nails
dermatology branch of medicine involving diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases of the integumentary system
plastic surgery repair,reconstruction,or improvement of body structures.
abrasion scraping away of the skin surface by friction
anhidrosis abnormal condition of no sweat
comedo blackhead
cyanosis bluish tint to the skin caused by deoxygenated blood
cyst fluid filled sack under the skin
depigmentation loss of normal skin color or pigment
diaphoresis profuse sweating
ecchymosis skin discoloration,bruise
erythema redness of the skin
erythoderma condition of having reddened or flushed skin
eschar thick layer of dead tissue and tissue fluid that develops over a deep burn area
fissure crack like lesion
hirsutism excessive hair growth over the body
hyperemia redness of the skin due to increased blood flow
hyperhidosis abnormal condition of excessive sweat
hyperpigmentation abnormal amount of pigmentation in the skin
ichthyoderma condition of having scaly and dry skin
lesion wound,injury
leukoderma white skin
lipoma fatty mass
macule flat discolored area
necrosis death
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