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Why was the name of the U.S.A's first form of government? Articles of Confederation
Why did the first government fail? States had too much power, Federal government was too weak-couldn't levy troops, make taxes
What was the goal of the Constitutional Convention? To change/revise/improve the Articles of Conferation.
What was the New Jersey plan? One state, one vote-one chamber. Favored small states
What was the Virginia plan? States have votes based on their population. Favored big states
What was the Great Compromise? Bicameral Congress-population of state, HoR, 2 per state, Senate
What was the 3/5 Compromise? A slave is equal to 3/5 of a white man when counting the pop. of a state
Who was the main maker of the Constitution? J.Madison
What is the Preamble? The introduction to the Constitution, explains the goals of the Constitution
What does the word Bicameral mean? Two houses, or parts
What does the Legislative Branch do? They make the laws.
What does the Executive Branch do? They execute the laws, or enforce them
What does the Judicial Branch do? They interpret the laws.
Req. of being a Representative? Be at least 25, and live in their respective district. Live in U.S.A for 7 years.
Req. of being a Senator? Be at least 30, live in their state, and live in the U.S.A for 9 years
Req. of being the Prez? Be at least 35, U.S.A born, live in the U.S.A for 14 years
Powers of the Prez? Veto bills, nominate Supreme Court justices, nominate cabinet members, make sessions w/ Congress, control the military
Powers of Congress? Make bills, impeach the Prez via 2/3s vote for both houses. Override Prez's veto w/ 2/3 vote
Rep. term? 2 yr x∞
Senator term? 6 yr x2
Prez term? 4 yr x2
How many Supreme Court justices are there? 9
Supreme Court justice term is how long? Lifetime or until they retire
Main job of Supreme Court? To decide which laws are constitutional or not
Why are the Supreme Court justice's terms so long? So they can make unbiased opinions without fear of politics changing their views
Who is the Chief Justice? John G. Roberts Jr.
3 levels of the federal court system? 94 district courts, then 13 Court of Appeals, then the Supreme Court
What government part approves the Supreme Court Justices? Congress/Legislative Branch
What is Judicial Review? When the Supreme Court questions a law being constitutional or not
1st Amendment rights? Petition, speech, media, peaceful assembly, religion
2nd Amendment rights? Right to bear arms
3rd Amendment rights? Right not to quarter soldiers
4th Amendment rights? Right to refuse unreasonable searches and seizures
5th, 6th and 7th Amendment rights? Protects you in court
8th Amendment rights? Protects you from excessive bail, and cruel and unusual punishments
9th Amendment rights? Tells about rights not written in the Constitution
10th Amendment rights? All rights not given to the Federal government is given to the states
What is the Bill of Rights? The first 10 amendments in the Constitution that limits the power of the Federal government, and also lists out state and citizen rights.
What does the word appeal mean? To apply to a higher court in order to overturn the ruling of a lower court
Who's the Prez? Barack Obama
Who's the Vice Prez? Joe Biden
Which senators represent M.A in the U.S Senate? Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey
Which representative represents Wellesley? Joseph P. Kennedy III
Who's our governor? Deval Patrick
What are two ways to amend the Constitution? For a bill to pass Congress (2/3s majority in each house), or a Constitutional Convention to be called by 2/3s of the legislatures of the states.
What does it mean to amend the Constitution? When things that weren't in the original Constitution are added, for ex. women's suffrage
What are the three levels of government in the U.S? Local, state, federal
The 1st Amendment protects our right to free speech unless..... Unless it's violent or causes a clear and present danger
Another name for the Executive Departments? The Cabinet
Main job of the Executive Departments? To advise the Prez
What does the Defense Department oversee? Supervises functions that deal with national security, and the U.S Armed Forces
What does the State Department oversee? Foreign affairs
What does the Department of Interior oversee? Management and conservation of federal lands and natural resources
What does the Treasury Department oversee? Manages government revenue
What does the Department of Homeland Security oversee? Domestic problems, citizen safety
What does the Justice Department oversee? The enforcement of the law, and administration of justice
What is Congress's commerce clause? Congress has the power to manage trade with other nations, between states, and with Native American tribes
What is Congress's elastic clause? Congress has the power to make all laws necessary and proper
What is federalism? The relationship between state governments and the federal government
What does it mean to be Commander in Chief? The Prez controls the military
What is the Prez in charge of as Chief Diplomat? Makes the foreign policy of the U.S.A, relationships with other countries
What is the Prez in charge of as Chief Economic Adviser? Helps with the prosperity of the people, helps make the economy run smoothly
What is double jeopardy? It protects a defendant from being charged for the same crime more than once. The Firth Amendment protects this right.
What does it mean to plead the Fifth? To refuse to answer a question in a court of law as it could incriminate the defendant
What is eminent domain? The power to take private property for public use.