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wordly wize

wordly wise

what does acute mean haveing a sharp piont
what does conceited mean vain
what does crock mean a pot or pan made of clay
what does daze mean to stun or bewielder
what does deed mean a thing done that is good
what does engrossing mean very interesting
what does main mean chief,or most important
what does meager mean small
what does obivios mean easy to see
what does prior mean coming before ,earlier
what does retvive mean to bring or come back to life
what does sack mean to steal or rob something
what does suspend mean hold back
what does thresh mean separate grain from corn
apt fit
blithe carefree gay
cell orginism, a jail house
council group holding official position
crave to want badly
delirios wildly exited
enlarge to biggasize something
exutant overjoyed
grayify give into
monastery place where monks live
oath a serious promise
propagate spread
taunt tease
unwieldy hard to handle
agile alert
grope feel around blindly
host a person who has guests over
investigate to look into
kin family
odor unpleasent smell
penetrate understand
sob cry
tardy late or slow moving
term period of time,a vocb. word,or how long a president serves
total whole amount
wrangle arguee loudly
ajar slitly open
ardent eager
avert to aviod
burly heavely built
ajar slitly open
ardent eager
avert to aviod
burly heavely built
choir singing group
derive figure out
distingushed famous
gore clotted blood
helm steering wheel
nag an old workhorse,annoying
rumple dissarange
somber dull,glomy
thrash beat,move violantly
veteran experianced,someone that was in the military or in war
antic playful
apparent seeming
capitol cheif city
clot hardened lump
establish set up
expel drive out
heed pay attention to
lax relaxed not strict
magnate important business leader
merit derseve
unruly hard to manage
wan pale
anecdote amusing story
assault attack
aware knowing
coax persuade
continually over and over again
erect put up
eternal forever
excess amount left over
fret worry
jeer poke fun
mane neck hair
myth very old story
tusk large extending tooth
Created by: ltrm