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Apology Astronomy

facts about Jupiter and Saturn

Which planet is big enough for all the other planets to fit in? Jupiter
Which planet is known as the 'protective mom' as its large mass creates a strong gravitational pull protecting earth from asteroids/comets? Jupiter
Which gas giant is considered a 'cold planet' but has a hot rocky core that puts out its own heat? Jupiter and Saturn
Which gas giant consists mostly of hydrogen and helium Jupiter and Saturn
Which planet has a giant storm that is larger than the size of 2 earths and has been raging for over 300 years? Jupiter
Which planet has rings that were just recently discovered by a spacecraft close to the planet? Jupiter
Which planet rotates about every 10 hours? Jupiter and Saturn
Which planet revolves around the sun every 12 earth years? Jupiter
Which planet is sometimes called 'Jove'? Jupiter
Which planet has over 60 satellites due to its strong gravitational pull? Jupiter
Which planet has the Galilean moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede, & Callisto? Jupiter
Which planet was explored by they spacecraft called 'Galileo? Jupiter
Which planet has a day of the week named after it? Saturn
Which planet has rigs made of dust, ice, & rocks that are only 50 miles thick? Saturn
Which planet is tilted so it has seasons? Saturn
If the earth was the size of a marble, this planet would be the size of a soccer ball. Saturn
If the earth was the size of a marble, this planet would be the size of a basketball. Jupiter
Which planet is cold - over 300 degrees below zero? Saturn
Which planet has windy storms 5 to 10 times stronger than a hurricane on earth with winds over 1000mph? Saturn
Which planet is less dense than water? Saturn
Which planet has the shepherd moons Pandora & Prometheus Saturn
Which planet takes over 30 earth years to orbit the sun? Saturn
Which planet has about 30 moons? Saturn
Which planet has a moon named 'Titan' that is almost as big as Mercury? Saturn
Which planet has been explored by the Cassini Space Mission? Saturn
Created by: lkroth