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Final Exam

7th Grade

What are the characteristics and needs of a living thing? water,food,living space, stable internal conditions, cellular organization, chemicals of life, energy use, response to surroundings
How do you write a scientific name? underlining it if it's on paper, and you italicize it if it's on a computer. The first letter of the 1st word is capitalized. It need to be only two words with genus then species.
What is taxonomy? a scientific study of how living things are classified
What are the levels of the classification system? domain, kingdom, phylum, class,order, family, genus, and species
What is the difference between a stimulus and a response? stimulus- a change in an organism's surrounding s that cause it to react. Response- an action or change in behavior.
What is the difference between growth and development? Growth- becoming larger Development- change occurs in organism's life
What is the difference between a heterotroph and an autotroph? heterotroph- cannot make their own food autotroph- makes their own food.
What domains contains only prokaryotes? bacteria and archaea
What is the life cycle of a angiosperm? what happens at each step? Fertilization- the joining of a sperm and an egg Germination-the sprouting of the embryo from a seed that occurs where the embryo resumes growth Pollination- the transfer of pollen from male reproductive structures to female reproductive structures
What structures do the amoeba, paramecium and euglena to move? amoeba-pseudopodia paramecium-civia euglena- flagellum
What are the parts of the seed? stem and root, cotyledon, seedcoat
What are the female parts of a flower? ovary, ovule, style, stigma
What are the male parts of a flower? antler, filament
What are the characteristics of angiosperms? -produces flowers -produce seeds that are enclosed in fruit
What is the function of fungi in the environment? -decompose -provide food -causing disease -fighting disease -live in symbiosis with other organisms
What do fungi have in common with animals? eukaryotes, multicellular, heterotroph
What is the function of the hyphae in fungi? it spreads fungus to other nearby areas that contain more nutrients needed by the fungus. It also absorbs nutrients
What is the chemical that is inside the chloroplast? chlorophyll
What are the products of photosynthesis? glucose and oxygen
What are the reactants of photosynthesis? water, carbon dioxide, sunlight
What structure in cell is a storage area for water,food,and waste products? vacuole
What is cellular respiration? happens in mostly in cells,bacteria and even humans. It's when you get energy without using oxygen.
What structure on the leaf allows oxygen and water vapor out and carbon dioxide in? stomata
Created by: gummybears18