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Science 5/5

Climate Change, Weather, and Atmosphere Quiz

In the northern hemisphere was is it cooler during the wintertime? because there are fewer hours of daylight
Which scale is used to measure tornadoes? Enhanced Fujita Scale
Which scale is used to measure hurricanes? Saffir-Simpson Scale
In the northern hemisphere in which direction does a low pressure system tend to rotate? counterclockwise
In the northern hemisphere in which direction does a high pressure system tend to rotate? clockwise
What type of gases in the air cause both natural and man-made warming? greenhouse gases
What type of cloud is often pancake shaped? stratus
What type of stratus clouds are rain clouds? nimbostratus
What are the "fluffy" summer clouds? cumulus
What types of clouds are the "fluffy" rain clouds? cumulonimbus
What types of clouds may contain a strong thunderstorm, perhaps even get violent enough to create a tornado? cumulonimbus
Winds blow from areas of what pressure to what pressure? high to low
What are isobars? The lines where all of the air pressure are equal around either a low or high pressure system.
What process moves energy from Earth's surface to high in the troposphere? Convection
What is a reasonable guess for the UV index if it is 95 degrees out with no rain and no clouds and winds out of the south? 10
What is dew point? the temperature to which air has to be cooled to become saturated
What is the relative humidity whenever the air is saturated? 100%
What is the relation between the temperature and the dew point when the air is saturated? they are the same
What is climate based on? temperature and precipitation for 30 years
Which question concerning world climate cannot be answered using the scientific method? Does the government need to make laws to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?
What role do condensation nuclei play in creating clouds/rain? They provide the surface onto which water vapor in the air can condense to become liquid water, which can then fall from the cloud as rain.
About how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere today? 400 parts/million
About how much carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere in the year 1850? about 300 parts/million
What country emits the greatest total amount of carbon dioxide annually? China
Which country emits the most carbon dioxide per person annually? US
Which weather instrument is used to measure air pressure? barometer
If the temperature is rising, then what is happening to the air pressure? it is rising
What is the current average temperature of the Earth's surface? 58 degrees farhreneit
What is the predicted average temperature of the Earth's surface for 2050? between 60 and 61 degrees fahrenheit
Which complete decade was the warmest since 1850? 2000-2009
Created by: maddie_zajas