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SRB-provides majority of _______for lift off thrust
lift off get off the ground where gravity is the greatest
ET-light weight rocket to continue the flight into the_________ upper atmosphere
thrust a forward force that pushes an object
takes only ________ to clear launch pad 6 seconds
SRB- burns all fuel in_________ & drops into the ocean 2 minutes
ET burns all fuel in ___________ 8 minutes
orbiter uses its _____________ to position itself into the earth's orbit own fuel
5 purposes of the shuttle: 1.reusable spacecraft 2.carry large payloads 3.build the ISS 4. take men & equipment to and from ISS 5. provide man-power to the ISS
payload cargo
ISS International Space Station
4 original shuttles to orbit the earth Columbia 1981(1st); Challenger 1983; Discovery 1984; Atlantis 1985
Shuttles buildt to endure many_________and ___________. launches and re-entries
Shuttles are due for retirement in__________. 2010
ISS is due for completion in_________. 2010
NASA is BEHIND with the scheduled retirement cause ISS is NOT completely finished. TRUE
Created by: blondiegirl