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Earth Science

Final Exam Review

How does the suns energy travel to earth? Electromagnetic Radiation
What is the theory that the solar system developed from a cloud of dust and gas? Nebular Theory
What theory describes the formation of the universe? The big bang
At what point is Earth closest to the sun? Perihelion
What must happen for a solar eclipse to occur? The moon passes in front of the sun
What forces keep a planet in orbit? Gravity and centrifugal forces
What is a barycenter? The point in space around which two objects orbit.
What is Nutation? a periodic oscillation of the earth's axis that causes the precession of the poles to follow a wavy rather than a circular path.
What is precession? The slow, top like wobbling of the spinning earth, w/ a period of about 26,000 years
What is responsible for the seasonal changes on earth? Earth's Rotation
What causes the unequal heating of the earth? Earth's tilt
What is the term used to describe when the moon is closest to the earth? Supermoon
What causes the phases of the moon we see each month? The moon orbits leaving one side in the sunlight and the other in the shadow.
What rocks form from energy of the earths interior?
What are the three types of rocks? Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic
What are the two types of energy that drive the Earth's rock cycle? Geothermal heat and solar energy
Which types of rocks are formed by processes powered by the sun? sedimentary
What rock is formed when magma hardens beneath the Earth's surface? Igneous
What is the classification of rock that is formed by cooling lava? Igneous
List in order the processes that form sedimentary rock Erosion, deposition, compaction, cementation.
What are the uses of fossils found in sedimentary rock?
Created by: cassidyy19