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plate tectonics

plat tectonics vocabulary

What is a transform boundary? when plates slide against each oher
What is a divergent boundary? when plates slide apart
What is a convergent boundary? when plates are pushed against each other
What causes a compass needle to point north? the neddles attraction to the magnetic feild
What causes a compass needle to point anywhere other than north? magnetic interference
What can a transform cause? earthquakes
What can a divergent cause? earthquakes, volcanoes, rift vally
What can a convergent cause? mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes
What layer is the crust? top layer
What layer is the mantle? second layer
What layer is the outer core? third layer
What layer is the inner core? fourth layer
How deep is the lithosphere? 100km
What is the crust? solid
What is the mantle? bottom half liquid, top half solid
What is the outer core? liquid
What is the inner core? solid
What is the lithosphere? solid
How deep to the plates go? 100 km, lithoshpere
How do plates move? Convection currents move the plates in the direction they flow. This is because warm magma rises to the top and becomes cold. Then it flows down again, creating a current.
Who came up with the continental drift theory? Wegner
Mesosaurus fossils were found in south america and _? Africa
Magnetic field _ are found on each side of mid ocean ridges. reversals
San Andres is what boundary? transform
Where are the youngest rocks on the sea floor located? mid ocean ridge
The plastic like layer the lithosphere moves on asthenoshpere
when a denser plate sinks under a less dense plate subduction zone
Types of clues that give hint on what region they were in based on fossils climate clues
the scientist that came up with the theory of the sea floor spreading Hess
all continents were all joined together Pangaea
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