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organism An individual form of life
decompose organisms that broke down other dead organisms
process a series of steps taken
producer the first level in a simple food chain
Rodent a mammal that includes rats and mice
relationship the way two objects concepts or people are related or interact with each other
Scavenger an animal such as a bird or insect that feed on dead matter
preditor secondary consumer that hunts and eats animals
prey an animal that is hunted and eated by another animal
practical necessary and useful
local near or belonging to a specific community
native someone who is born in a particular country and it adapts there
species a group of animals or plants of the same kind
habitat place where organisms of the same kind lives
extinction a species or family of a large group no longer alive
distinctive clearly marking a person of things that is different from there
orinate decorated in a fancy way
exclusive leaving out sole full or complete
perserverance the quality that allows someone to do something even though it is difficult
renivate to make changes and repairs so that its back in good condition
enthusisatic strong excitment
protests go against something or disapproval
relentless constant or never giving up
persuaded convinced
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