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Test 2 plants

Green plants can make their own food because they contain chlorophyll
If there were no ---------- ----------- on earth, people and animals could not live. green plants
Plants put what into the air for man to breathe. oxygen
Green plants make their food by a process called pollination
When you eat a carrot, you are eating the root.
When you eat broccoli, you are eating a flower
Every ---------- contains a new living plant. seed
A dandelion is an example of a plant whose seeds are spread by the wind.
Dormant seeds are alive or dead. alive
When a seed sprouts, it germinates
Can tomatoes be eaten raw? yes
The poison in tobacco is called nicotine
plants which cannot make their own food are called fungi
Most seeds ripen and are carried away from the parent plant in the wind
The leaves of the rhubarb plant are poisonous
Identify the four parts of a flower. pistil. stamen. petal. sepal
what is another name for a tree's stem trunk
which is not a fact about a tree's roots roots tell a tree's age
which part of a tree makes the tree's food and bears fruit crown
which of the following trees is a broadleaf tree elm
which of the following trees is an evergreen tree spruce
what is the name of the fruit produced by an oak tree? acorns
what name describes trees that lose their leaves in the fall deciduous
how can you tell the age of a tree counting the annual rings
sometimes mistakenly called a yellow daisy black-eyed Susan
has yellow ray flowers and no disk flowers dandelion
tall plant with flowers that turn to face the sun sunflower
blue flower whose roots can be ground to make a beverage chicory
any plant that grows where it is not wanted weed
a poisonous plant poinsettia



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